Dream: Activation of Purpose

I had this dream the same night as the dream memory of the Great Galactic War. The date was May 21st.

Activation of Purpose

The scene in front of me appeared to be of a disaster area. Spread in front of me was a roadway which had been lifted up and tossed over in all directions. Chunks of road could be seen that were as big as a car. People were standing stranded on the roadside, crowded up against the side of a mountain or cliff of some sort. The other side of the road was a steep drop-off. Peculiarly, there were no cars.

It was obvious the people had been there a long time. The part of the road that went over a ravine was destroyed and there appeared to be no way in or out of the area. Some people were in apathy, lingering together in huddled groups. Others still had hope and were trying to figure a way out. Still others had decided they were going to make the best of it and they began to pick on the weaker individuals, stealing from them and roughing them up.

I see the chaos and the lack of organization, of unity, and I begin to speak to everyone about how important it is not to give up and to work together. I become very passionate about what I am saying.

I awaken in the midst of speaking to the group. I am saying, “We must unite. We have to unite. Without us, mankind will perish”.

It is then that I realize who I really am. I am distinctly aware of this new me, this other me, and the contrast between the old me and the new. The New me has arrived.

Processing It All

The amount of awareness is indescribable. There is really no way to impart to you the evolution that appeared to take place at that point. I knew instantly, without doubt, that I was, am, a Starseed. The importance of my mission was so strong in me that it was like a light went off in my world.

This, I am told, is part of the activation process but there is so much more going on that is still yet to be completely revealed. There is a delicate balance that exists within me at this point between the old and the new. The old is not yet ready to be assimilated. The Ego is strong as is the mind. It is imperative that each step is taken slowly in order to procure acceptance.

Ultimately, there will be a swap in energies, a complete transfer from the old to the new.


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