Residual Energies Linger and Infiltrate Exoconsciousness: Message from the Pleiadian High Council

Residual energies linger and infiltrate exoconsciousness. If you have not yet perceived the energies, you soon will and will be changed because of them. We strongly suggest you firmly ground and set your intentions, diverging not from your set course. It is safest now to remain within your own company though not always is this right for those of you expanding into your intended groups at this time. Take your guidance seriously as you are about to set a course that will overlay your life unlike ever before.

It is inherent in your nature to resist some of the life patterns and choices we have brought to you for your consideration. We encourage you to lay down your weapons, your defenses, against that which you do not understand. Rather than resist, open up and accept that which is new and unfamiliar to your Earth Self and allow your Inner Self to come forward and receive the New with open arms. The answers you are looking for will not always be forthcoming but trust that what you are given is in your intended plan and aligned with your purpose.

Situations are arising that demand the totality of your attention. You are not yet aware of these as we have imparted only a few with this knowledge thus far. However, as more become receptive, more will Remember and the puzzle will be pieced together to reveal a full picture of the Plan.

This Plan of which we speak is a highly organized and divergent path from that which has been the path of Earth for millions of years. As the energies of transformation descend upon the planet from other areas of the galaxy the ideal time for movement and expansion into higher levels of consciousness has presented itself. Thus, the Plan allows for the reorganization of Earth consciousness, alignment with the universal energies of light and love and elimination of the dark instigating forces that have thus ruled the planet during its stent through a zone previously impervious to our communications.

We understand this is a challenge. We understand you still struggle to free yourself from the constraints of a lifetime of illusion and delusional idiosyncrasies. Please be patient with this process; with yourself. You are loved, you are cherished and never are you alone. Ride the winds of change with open arms and acceptance for this will free you more than any doctrine or belief system ever could.


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