Today as I was laying in savasana, my favorite position to receive, I felt transported to another place. It was strangely familiar and my entire body felt alive with energy as I settled in the scene.

The first thing I saw was a field of mustard colored grass. It spread out around me in all directions. I sensed immediately that I was home. I was on Lyra.

I opened my eyes briefly just to make sure I had not left my body. I had not, so I closed them and shifted back into the scene. The sensations of my body imitated the rise and fall of the ocean and the field of mustard grass swayed with me.

Above me in the sky was a brilliant, reddish-orange sun, bigger than any Earth sun. Behind and just below it was a smaller, yellowish-colored son, reminiscent of the Earth’s sun. Interestingly, the sky was not blue but a strange orange color that lightened to almost white the higher into the atmosphere I sent my gaze. The brilliance of the massive orange sun made it impossible to see much else in the sky.

I lingered for a while until my guide interrupted my journey. I shifted consciousness back to my body and the present time, leaving Lyra only a memory in my mind. Still, though, it is a vivid memory and so I attempted to paint what I saw. My painting doesn’t do it justice, but I imbued it with the energy of the place as best I could.

Satsa’na Nateh.


7 thoughts on “Lyra

  1. marieiotc says:

    I love your painting.

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  2. motherofeden says:

    I recently visited a place with yellowish colored grass and a unique colored sky.. I barely remember it now but I am going to go back to my blog to find it if there are any other interesting or similar elements to it! 🙂

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  3. motherofeden says:

    From my entry: At one point I was dreaming I was in another world altogether, with strange beings in it. I can see them, but I can’t, all at the same time. If I try and struggle to describe it all I can come up with is a two-trunked elephant, but that’s probably not what they were. I just don’t know what else to say.

    We were in this other world, grey skies and extremely tall, yellow grass next to a river. One of the beings may or may not have been bathing her baby. Was it me? Was I the one bathing Banyan?

    I began to hear the physical voices of Erik and Eden in addition to Ban. They were up now, too. In and out, I drifted between worlds gently like a boat in the waves.

    Standing on the shore of the yellow grass world, I began feeling vibrations. They were subtle enough that I didn’t notice them at first and preferred to stand right where I was, but soon they became un-ignorable, so I put out my hands and gave the bedroom a thumbs-up while I vibrated into an oblivion of dizzy spinning.

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    • daynaspirit says:

      I remember that post! Interesting! I felt as if my body were swaying with the tide, like I was floating in water and it made me think there was water nearby. Thanks for sharing! This is intriguing…

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  4. […] month later, my online friend had a similar experience in a world with tall, yellow grass. She wrote, “…The sensations of my body imitated the […]

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  5. […] recap, I am a Pleiadian Starseed from the planet Lyra. Memories of my home planet continue to surface in order to help me Remember and integrate. On Lyra […]


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