Dream: The Great Galactic War

I had this dream over a week ago and am just now feeling okay about posting it. I believe it was a memory mixed with a message and so took it as such. This dream was unlike any other I have had and I am still not sure how to categorize my experience, so I am calling it semi-lucid.

The Great Galactic War

My vision blacked out and I felt transported somewhere else. When I opened my eyes, I was standing inside an immense canyon, the walls of which towered hundreds of feet, maybe even a mile, above my head on either side of me. I was immediately reminded of the Grand Canyon here on Earth, but since I have never been at the bottom of it, I thought to myself, “This must be what it would be like”.

It was then that I realized I was standing with someone and we were in the midst of an important conversation. I spoke to this person as if I were reciting the lines from some long ago play. We spoke about something similar to a vaccine, though I don’t believe that is the word we used. It was a genetic vaccine, not a vaccine against a virus, and it had been tested on a certain individual to see if they were susceptible to its effects.

Slowly, I got out small vials filled with different colored, clear liquid. The first was a yellowish color. I said, “No effect”, and then put it in a nap sack I was wearing over my right shoulder. I then took out another one, this one a vivid blue. “No effect”, and put it in the nap sack. I did this six more times, each time saying, “No effect”.

I don’t recall now what the person I was talking to looked like, only that I knew them. In my recollection of this event they are not there at all, as if I am talking to thin air.

The individual I am talking to makes a comment to me about how odd it is that the individual we tested was not susceptible to any of these vaccines. In my mind I am reminded of the human race and think that it must be the human genome we are talking about. I was fascinated.

Then my attention is drawn to a tall, gangly looking individual who stood a good seven or eight feet tall. He was most definitely not human, his green mottled skin very obvious as were his strange facial features. His head was elongated and sloped backward and his eyes were dark and hooded. I could see no nose and only a thin outline for a mouth.

I knew this creature, this reptilian humanoid, was our prisoner. Had we tested the vaccines on him? I didn’t think so. He had something contained within his head, though, something vile and dangerous. My immediate thought was that it was a bomb and my companion began to tug at the reptile’s head to try and lift off the outer portion of it. I was a bit horrified as I could see inside the reptile’s skull and see the pinkish tissue of his brain.

Two sections came off before the reptile insisted he continue and do it himself. He pulled apart the hemispheres of his brain, parting them like water, and pulled out a small, circular device.

I woke suddenly upon seeing it, thinking it was a bomb and he was about to destroy all of us. In my mind’s eye I saw his eye, looking at me.

Once I awoke, I knew my dream was a memory of the Great Galactic War and that I had seen a reptilian E.T. I decided to paint the eye I saw because I could not get it out of my head. It was so peculiar and I had no fear when I saw it.


3 thoughts on “Dream: The Great Galactic War

  1. truthcodex says:

    I’ve re-membered this war. The distortions between both sides of the spiritual isle – distorted service to self and distorted service to others, creating so-called “dominators” and “victims”. Both sides ultimately denying the Law Of One. This evolution is hugely important to finally put an end to all of that.

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