There exists now a juxtaposition of the old and the new. The old is allowed to pilot the body while the new observes. There is an issuance of all that was the old to the new. In this way a sort of hands-on-training is taking effect until the new is ready to take the reins.

Today, I observed the body – its posture, sensations, and processes. I noted the uncomfortableness of the head which was held slightly forward rather than erect and in alignment with the spine. I was made aware of how to correct this and did so quickly ensuing great relief. It was then that I Remembered the next phase of the transfer process: realignment of and with the physical body.

My training has been slow and this is in part due to the unexpected loss of a member of my group. When she left the Earth realm and returned to Spirit prematurely there was a reverberation of all her experiences throughout each member of my group. Even those of us who are currently in physical bodies felt it, though some were aware of its source while others were not. As such, minute adjustments are being made to ensure the others of us in bodies are well prepared for such instances that may create similar circumstances for us. In any case, it is a difficult precursor to what lies ahead for us and one that creates a sort of solemnity.

For my recently activated Starseed brothers and sisters out there who are experiencing a similar transformation at this time, I ask that you be cautious of the effects your transformation has on the frail and easily influenced Ego. Question that which does not align with your heart center and purpose and quickly put it in check before it lays waste to your plans. We are here to serve humanity in accordance to the Plan (peace and prosperity for humankind). Some of us will excel by 3D standards and that is okay as it offers us that which we need to survive and fulfill our purpose here, but remember, we are not immune to the traps that exist while the Earth’s transition is taking place. Humility is key.


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