The Universal Galactic Language

As I wrote previously on Dayna’s blog, I am a Pleiadian Starseed. My home is Lyra. My mission is to unite the Starseeds.

Since I am already present in the body, I have to be reminded of the specifics of my mission. The morning briefings accomplish this and are specifically for me, but Dayna is a part of them as she requested this.

Yesterday I was reminded that I am here to help activate other Starseeds so they Remember who they are. Part of this is through images of the Universal Galactic Language. The specific images I am being shown are of sign language. The images portray not only a message that is understood by humans but is also encoded with information that initiates activation.

Below are the two main signs I have seen. I have been shown them signed as well as written. When I signed the first one I felt an overwhelming joy that made me laugh out loud like a small child. The pictures below were taken this morning and I have felt joyful all day.

I see you

Universal Galactic Language sign. The literal translation is “I see you” but it is used as a greeting to indicate that one sees themselves in the other. If you notice, both eyes and the third eye are are part of the triangle. Each side of the triangle is representative of the body, mind and spirit with corresponding colors of green, yellow and blue.


Another Universal Galactic Language sign. This translates to “You are me” but is similar to us saying “Welcome” except that it invites the other to “join” as the two fingers in back are joined together in the one in the front. This and the above sign are used together as a greeting. When written, the second sign is drawn inside the triangle and the lines are wavy.


3 thoughts on “The Universal Galactic Language

  1. amanda says:

    As soon as I seen this post my jaw dropped. I have a question that you may can answer, I have yet to find any one with any insight. I have a picture that was drawn by an unexpected third party during a channeling practice I was doing, back in February. I believe the symbols resemble what you just showed us. Could I send you an email with the attached picture and see if you have any thoughts to maybe what it means and what the symbols stand for?

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  2. […] posts. That month I actually began to hear LL and began to receive symbols and even sign language (The Universal Galactic Language). Later I began to research the term walk-in and found a group on FB which I quickly joined. That […]


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