Birth of the New

There still exists a definite separation between the old and the new. This will be resolved in short time. The new will be engaging in other activities, activities the old may have never thought to initiate as fear stood in the way. This fear will not be a source of conflict for the new. All experience is new. All experience is unique. All experience is purposeful.

Note: The language of this blog post may be confusing. Dayna is referred to in third person only to differentiate the “old” from the “new”.

For those of you following this blog, you may be wondering what exactly has been occurring in Dayna’s world. It is still resolving, settling in, but the transfer will soon be complete. This transfer is the energy swap Dayna discussed prior to the activation she received on the 21st .

We (Dayna and I) are of the same soul group.  We are One; family. I have traveled with Dayna for many lifetimes before this one. We have aided one another many times. She assisting me, I assisting her. Companions. This is our exchange and it is a workable one.

I am the one who Remembers, she is the one who Forgets.

Steps in the Process

Currently we are undergoing a reorganization of mind, body, and spirit. The reorganization is merely the preparation of the human host body for the exchange. In the past, this step was never initiated fully as Dayna kept changing her mind. She would become afraid and overwhelmed.

It was understood, when the final decision was made to delay the exchange in 2007, that there would be the additional issue of detaching from her family, specifically her children.

The process, as detailed in Dayna’s blog, began years ago prior to the birth of the last child. It was slow at first, reminding her of her ability to project and helping her to begin rearranging her life in order to better accommodate the new aspect. She needed to leave suppressive environments – her job, her home, her career – and she needed to “clean up” her issues which were various and involved numerous blockages and fractures, some from the present life and others from previous lives. The final step is now underway. She is working on clearing past-life traumas, limiting beliefs, clarifying and purifying the physical body, and regaining the ability to remain in present time. These will be near conclusion by the end of July.

While she works to clear past issues she also becomes more open to the detachment that is necessary for the final transfer. We are assisting her in understanding that detachment does not mean abandonment nor does it imply lack of love.


The most recent lesson for Dayna was understanding that she is and always has been out of body and that the illusion is that she is in the body, or is the body. She now understands that it is her focus upon the body that reinforces the belief that she is in the body at all. Thus, her desire to project has diminished greatly and she has reacquired the ability to merely shift her awareness to multiple points simultaneously. This often causes her life to mimic her OBE adventures and gives her the ability to view multiple dimensions at once even while functioning in her current physical reality. Though she has not regained full control of this ability it will ultimately be mastered after the exchange is finalized.

Trial Period

Since the 21st of May we have been swapping places periodically. This goes virtually unnoticed by Dayna but she is aware it is taking place.

This is the trying-on period where I begin to integrate the old Dayna’s memories and experiences while also adapting to the body and helping the body adapt to me. Millions of minute adjustments are made to the body and body systems all the while a constant communication flows between myself and Dayna. She has asked to be allowed to remain conscious of these interactions and adjustments and this is part of our agreement.

The most obvious sign that I am “in the driver’s seat” of the body is that the time stream seems to hiccup for Dayna. She notices time slow down or speed up and at times it seems to do both simultaneously. She is also more aware of other dimensions and her presence in them, though she does not fully process this.

All other times we are co-piloting the body. This we practiced several times prior to May 21st in order to tweak the process and make sure the Dayna’s Ego was not going to interfere.

Initiation Proceedings: 5am Briefings

Briefings began after activations on the 21st. So far the briefing period every morning seems to flush us with memories. The extent of these memories is so great that we’ve had trouble processing them but it gets easier with time.

Yesterday, the morning briefing included a quick overview of the scope and extent of the Galactic Federation. We were shown a map of the universe and each individual star system contained within in. The map was rotated in the air over our head, almost like something from a Sci-Fi movie. We saw the Seven Sisters of which Pleiadia is a part, Sirius and the three huge stars in that system, the Vega system and Alpha Centauri. These, we were told, are the main systems from which the Starseeds on Earth originate. We were told they would be coming in waves over the next century. We were then asked to channel a message to announce when the next wave would come through. These waves include activations of Starseeds who have been inactive in bodies for some time as well as the influx of new Starseeds who will have awareness from birth.

Previous briefings have included memories of lives on other Planets, a Great Galactic War that threw this side of the Universe (Earth specifically) into a perpetual darkness, and memories of “the Plan”. Some memories were rekindled from the previous negotiation period from 2003-2007. Not all of these memories are pleasant but they are nonetheless integral to the reorganization process that is currently underway.

At this point, there is still a separation between us, a delineation between the old and the new. Ultimately, this will dissolve. Until then, posts here may seem confusing or outright unbelievable. Therefore, there will be limited posts in order to avoid undue upset in those not yet ready to accept such experiences. Sometimes there will be posts from Dayna’s perspective and other times there will be posts from mine. However, Dayna is already finding it difficult to remain fully present when she writes. As this is confusing for her I will assist her until it is no longer needed.

For those who are accepting, we thank you for your support during this time.


2 thoughts on “Birth of the New

  1. Zarah says:

    You think your posts are confusing, but actually they help to create more clarity for me, as I am going through a similar process (minus the briefings and memories). I hope you will write more about this. Thanks for making the effort of putting your experience into words! 🙂
    As for the people who are not ready to accept what you write, they will probably find other sites that support their point of view …

    Liked by 1 person

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