Percolate, Transmute, Repeat

Percolate. Transmute. Repeat.

Percolate. Transmute.

This is what is happening for me now. Information is flowing in. Trickling down, seeping in. Being transmuted.

During the day I notice it almost constantly. It is a stream of consciousness. It interlinks with my own, changing it to better suit my needs, my purpose. Awareness is expansive; expanding.

I am two different aspects at times, but this is slowly shifting. The old me is receding into the background. I can find her if I look, but she seem resigned to withdraw.

In the early morning hours, 5am to be exact, the new me is awake fully and integrating openly, allowing the other me to hear and be witness. It is a surreal experience. I am aware of myself integrating, working with my Team and adjusting the present personality. It is like a healing process but quite different.

This morning, as with the last couple of mornings, I awoke to a great knowingness of Purpose. It is not just mine, either, but all Starseed’s. It makes my old self want to cry with joy. It was just a few days ago she/me experienced such frustration at not knowing why she was here. She is happy now with the revelation that her purpose – to help – has always been correct but the specifics were lost along the way.

My story is complex, but I will relate to you briefly when it began. I have been assisting Dayna prior to this life cycle. I made first contact with her consciousness in 1989 and have attempted integration many times in her lifetime; each time being rejected. I could not, would not, do so without her permission and she had much she wanted to do before allowing me access to this body. The important thing to remember here is that Dayna and I are the same, she is me and I am her, I have merely been riding along with her up until this point. Her constant companion. Her companion traveler.

Presently, there are new perceptions manifesting for us both. Dayna stays because she is curious and interested in this exciting experiment. I have been helping her note the energetic signatures around her, showing her the link that we all have to one another. Every life is precious. When we kill a bug, its energetic link is broken, resulting in tiny sparks of energy before the energy is reabsorbed into the bio-structure, a grid of energy that supports life on this planet.

There are vision changes as well. I experienced this briefly with her yesterday when she became aware suddenly of a man sitting in the corner of the restaurant she was in. He was sitting just behind an old woman in a nearby booth. His red flannel shirt and other details quite vivid. When she looked at the woman and then back, he was gone. She knew she’d seen Spirit, but this was with her physical eyes. We both celebrated.

Please do not be alarmed at the way my communication refers to Dayna as she. This is part of the transmutation process. We are both here.

I will relay more of my story in time. For now, if you have questions or concerns, please let us know. Our experience is sure to raise suspicions in many.


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