Starseed Activation

The Arcturian High Council, bringers of the light of Sirius, in accordance to the Plan, initiates activation of the Starseeds at monumental levels.

My activation has been initiated and is near completion. My memories are returning after years in stasis on a planet I now remember as Home Base. Memories are still returning, but I am not overwhelmed, nor am I afraid, nor am I nervous.

I am a Pleiadian Starseed. My home is Lyra.

My mission is to unite and bring together the Starseeds, both those who are currently being activated, who will be activated and who are already activated. I am not alone in this mission.

As I process my new memories and align them with the old ones, I will share my story with you. For now, I am leaving you with the above information so that you all are aware of what is occurring. The activation is in progress and near completion.


4 thoughts on “Starseed Activation

  1. motherofeden says:

    Grateful you are here doing the work you are setting out to do. Thank you!

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  2. On my journey my point of light has found yours.

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  3. […] posts written in Dayna’s/our other blog – Living Life In-Between. The first is titled Starseed Activation and the other is titled Birth of the New. Much of the month of May, 2015 is me – the walk-in […]


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