Energy Swap vs Walk-In

There will be, for me and others as well, an energy swap that will occur and has already begun. I don’t understand it completely as the message was more feelings and images than words, but from what I can gather, I will be swapping energy with my guide (Higher Self) and this will occur in small increments throughout the week with a major event around the 21st.

Energy Swap, posted March 14, 2015

I understand more about what this means, now.

The 21st of this month was the major event I was warned about. I just realized it this morning because as I awoke I was surrounded by my Council and my HS told me, “Energy swap”. Upon hearing this, I looked up the post above and saw the 21st clear as day and remembered the OBE I had.


Energy Swap or Walk-In?

Since this experience on the 20th, I have been thinking about the walk-in phenomenon more and more often. This morning, when I received more communication, I was told by my Council that my Earth-self had made the decision to leave. I acknowledged this and did not argue it. I was told I needed to understand the repercussions of such a decision and that this is what we have been discussing during dreamtime. I recognized this to be true, also, as my dreams this last night had me waking sometimes wanting to stay and other times wanting to leave. I acknowledged a definite split existed within me on the decision and it made me feel uneasy and caused my Ego to protest. There was also a knowing that, at least in part, my HS wanted this, too.

The repercussions as explained to me were that I would have to make up for the two things that would be left undone if I left this body prematurely. These two “lessons” (for lack of a better word) would need to be continued later in a mature body, meaning I would have to live at least 20 years in the new body to again have the opportunity to learn them. Additionally, the two lessons would have to be learned in different lifetimes for the same reason as stated above as well as other reasons having to do with fluctuations occurring on the Earth timeline.

I recognized immediately this would mean that I would have to endure four more cycles instead of two. Ouch.

I stated matter-of-factly, “I don’t ever want to come back”.

“Understood but it will eventually be done”, was the reply.

And I knew why. This is not karma in the sense that we know it here on Earth. This is akin to duty. That is the closest word for it anyway. There is an intensely deep, permeating need to complete what we started.

Who can deny such a feeling, such a knowingness? Not me.

There is a complete rejection by the Ego here that causes the communication to be broken. It is a humiliating experience that I hate to admit occurred, but it did. It feels like a life-and-death struggle and is similar to a child throwing a tantrum. Behind all of this Ego interference is the obvious truth: a correction must be made and a decision.

The decision is not yet made but my HS is initiating a strategy that hopefully will assist me staying out my time in this body. From what I understand this is where the “energy swap” comes in.

A swap is not the same as a merging, that is obvious. Swap implies one thing is given in exchange for another. Is this the same as a walk-in? I don’t know. Honestly, I don’t care much if it is. That is how done I am. I can’t ignore that fact as it seems to be the driving force behind this “plight” I am in (this is in quotes because my Council referred to it as such).

The understanding I do have is that if this swap is accepted and completed, there will be no need for the additional two cycles.

Man, it sure does sound more and more like a walk-in.

Imagine waking up to all this. How would you react? Thankfully, I am reassured that nothing is set in stone, that a decision can be made or unmade at will and that nothing will be done without my permission. Funny to me, I keep being asked what would make me want to stay. I never know, which is weird to me. I feel totally and utterly done with and detached from this life.

I will say to you all, if you are following my blog and my story, if this is a walk-in phenomenon, expect to see evidence of it as it occurs. It was explained to me that it will be done gradually and with full awareness intact for both the inflow and outflow. Whatever that means.

I will still be here, nonetheless, to relay the experience.


4 thoughts on “Energy Swap vs Walk-In

  1. Nuleaf says:

    Thank you for your posts. Specially for this one. I had a similar passing thought/hunch this afternoon. About a Walk In type switch about to occur for me. I’ve been going through the process on and off for about 15 years now and it has jump started again from 26 Dec 2014. The last few months have been relentless.

    Look forward to your posts!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. daynaspirit says:

    You’re welcome.

    Mine started again last December, too, and I have been going through changes since 2003. It has been quite interesting this year so far with lots of unexpected turns. Seems more is to come.


  3. Teleile says:

    But if you leave, you *won’t* be here, will you? Which part of you would be leaving? Lower self (‘ego’, the present personality), or your soul (astral body)?
    I can relate; I was so done with the ascension process in 2009, that I wanted to leave, and was told I could, and given a date.
    On that date, I came inches from death. At the last second, I changed my mind! And I stayed, and am glad I did. 🙂
    Yes, we do have to come back if karma’s left unbalanced, and I know what your guides meant ….. on earth, we just say, no way, but in the other world, we want so much to progress, and we see we can’t until we remove the karma, so we LONG to come down here!

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    • daynaspirit says:

      Yes, eventually. The part that will leave is the part that has been here holding this body for most of this life. I suppose it would be the present personality. Yet right now I can sense both very distinctly, similar to my recent OBE on the 21st. It is like I can take on either personality with ease, but one is definitely more dominant at times than others.


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