For the past two nights I have slept super hard, so hard that it is difficult to recall my dreams. I wake knowing I have had in-depth conversations, lessons and interactions with my HS and guides, but specifics are lost very quickly. I feel as if it is erased purposefully, only remnants allowed to remain.

One of those remnants, or pieces of clarity, remained this morning. In this dream communication I was discussing my blog with someone and read aloud a comment I had received.

The comment was: “It looks like she’s of MOAB”.

I spent the remainder of the dream trying to decipher MOAB. I was certain it was spiritual in nature. I probably repeated the acronym ten times in the dream, usually letter by letter.

It may not be significant but my husband and I were discussing the LDS religion when I remembered the dream.


I did not recall this portion of the dream until almost an hour after waking. My first thought upon waking was, “Isn’t that a city in Utah?” But I immediately threw that out because in the dream it was in all caps.

So I looked it up. This is what I discovered. I may not have found all significance:

1. Mother of all bombs or Massive Ordinance Air Blast

2. Explicit sexual term (I won’t write it out) meant as an insult

3. The seed of the father, the eldest son of Lot (Genesis 19:37)

4. A plain opposite of Jericho mentioned in the old testament;  the desirable land. Source

5. Represents the Protestant religion and referred to in a prophecy about the “End Days”. Source

6. City in Utah.

Biblical References

I would not call myself a religious person. In fact, I avoid organized religion in general. However,  I keep running into biblical names and references in my dreams and spiritual encounters. I cannot avoid coming to the conclusion that there is some significance in this. But what?

The feeling from my dream was this term, MOAB, was important. So important in fact that I repeated it to myself over and over again in order to remember it. I also attributed it to something spiritually significant. Other than that, I am at a loss. I guess the term will join the other names I have received along the way until their significance is revealed.

If anyone has any idea what this term could signify, please let me know.


4 thoughts on “MOAB

  1. herongrace says:

    It could be another planet/ star system! Not necessarily of Earth. Cheers!

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  2. michael moore says:

    Many of the names you have used in the past few months have direct ties to the LDS religion. Ask me for details if you want and i will email you.

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