Following the Chain of False Belief

In session yesterday I ran into one of my false beliefs and I began the process of seeking out the source of this belief. The false belief was: Men are wrong.

Following the Chain

In seeking out the source of this belief, I followed memories connected to it starting in this lifetime and going backward into other lifetimes. This is what I found so far:

1982 – Belief is activated within this lifetime after a traumatic event occurred. I decided that my Dad was wrong for how he treated me and my mother, who I identified very strongly with. It generalized into all men are wrong.

1892 – Belief was used in another lifetime when I was a prostitute in the U.S. Mid-West. I repeatedly told my “co-workers” that men were not to be trusted.

400A.D. – Belief was used during a lifetime in India. This was a traumatic memory of almost losing my daughter to raiders during the monsoon season. I relayed to her repeatedly that men were not be trusted and did bad things.

30A.D. – Belief was reinforced during a traumatic event in which my pregnant and severely battered daughter came home. She went into premature labor and died during childbirth. Her daughter survived and I raised her as my own. My anger at the man who beat and ultimately killed my daughter was so intense that I adopted the belief that men are wrong. However, upon re-experiencing this life, I recognized that the “wrong” here was that they were “unjust” and went against all that was good.

More to Come

The chain has not been followed to its source yet, so I am likely to find more events at my next session. I am interested to find out where it will lead. It always surprises and amazes me!

When I contact each life, it is merely a picture or a color or a vague sense of a place that comes at first. Then, when I inspect it more closely, more and more is revealed. The details are amazing! For example, the river I was wading in while trying to rescue my daughter in the life from 400A.D. was so vivid that I could feel the pressure of the water current against my legs and see the muddiness of the water. I also instantly knew it was the monsoon season.

The last life was perhaps the most intense life I have recalled in some time. I was hit with such a myriad of emotions – anger, grief, frustration, love, desperation – that the flood of it was overwhelming to the point I could not breathe. I even recall cursing in another language, calling the man a baboon’s butt and cursing God. When I finally let go of this life event I experienced such an outflow and inflow of energy that it is hard to describe. I was laughing and crying at the same time.

I am finding this belief following me through my female lives for some time. It may even have its origin prior to my time on Earth. More updates will follow.


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