Symptom Update: Restoring Balance

Once again I am updating my symptoms, this time because I was prompted by a message from my guide that balance needed to be restored.

Current Symptoms

  • Upper back ache
  • Stiff neck
  • Visual phenomenon (will explain)
  • Ear ringing, tones and other odd sounds
  • Buzzing energy around back of head, third eye and heart
  • Feeling spiritually disconnected
  • Restless sleep with vivid dreams
  • Lack of motivation

The most difficult part of my current symptoms is feeling a spiritual disconnection. I understand this is necessary and that much is occurring during my sleep, but it is an unsettling feeling and I find it hard to find my balanced center.

The visual phenomenon has been going on for some time. The only way I can describe it is as seeing things, usually people, superimposed upon this physical reality. For example, I was talking to my daughter yesterday and I swear I saw a baby where her arm should have been, but when I looked down there was nothing there. I recognized this other being as a baby, saw it clear as day nearly naked and full sized, yet it was not there when I focused on what I saw. Other examples are that I will see individuals standing next to or over a part of a person I am talking to as I am doing mundane things. Sometimes these visual phenomenon surprise me.  Once I saw a tall man and I instantly thought someone was in my house who should not be there. I am getting more use to it now so I am not quite so shocked. So far, none of them have tried to communicate with me.

The other odd change has been to the tonal ringing in my ears. I am pretty use to hearing the tones now. The sound typically gets louder as I begin to fall asleep at night. However, the other night the tone is my ears got so intensely loud and began to sound ominous, like a deep, rattling machine sound. I began to think, “If it gets any louder I don’t know if I can take it”. When I thought this, the tone began to fade out and sound more “normal”. I have only had that sound once but the ringing sound is changing during the day, too. It no longer sounds like a tone but more like a “shshsh” or hissing sound, like the static of a radio. I have heard the radio static sound before when I had my first awakening. I only heard it when in meditation or in the in-between, not during the day. So it coming during the day is a bit alarming to me. The changes in sound go hand-in-hand with the visual phenomenon which has me wondering if perhaps these beings are trying to communicate with me?

Finally, I am the complete opposite of motivated right now. I just want to lay down and stare at the ceiling or close my eyes. I spent the whole weekend in such a daze. I knew I had to get stuff done though and finally forced myself to go grocery shopping and cook dinner. Even at work I am struggling to do what needs to be done.

I am told that balance is being restored and I suspect that my lack of motivation and disconnection is part of this process. There are way worse symptoms I could have so I am grateful that I am sleeping through the worst of it.


5 thoughts on “Symptom Update: Restoring Balance

  1. Ashley says:

    I too see the shadow like entity’s seems like they are over people more prominent at night some are white clothed some are black and very tall not quiet human form but flowing slender image of like energy. Do you see flashes of light like a camera flash? Or do you see the sparking glitter around? Last night had a power surge at home 2am weird! Then my car engine light then my cell phone decided to shut off at random times when battery is not low of battery drains way faster than normal. Any of this happening to you?

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    • daynaspirit says:

      I have actually seen the light, but not often. Last night I saw it and realized it was a lone firefly. He has been visiting me for a few nights now. I have not had the power surges or weird energy drains, though. Thanks for sharing! I had forgotten about the lights and sparkles in my vision.

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  2. Zarah says:

    This might help to understand (and go along with) the spiritual disconnect phase:

    This is about tones, ringing, visual phenomena and a host of other symptoms:

    Hope that helps a bit …

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    • daynaspirit says:

      Thank you so much Zarah. I resonated deeply with the first link you provided. The woman who wrote this has a strong, clear connection I wish I had! Now I know why I keep hearing, “Are you really gonna love me when I’m gone”. I think a part of me is mourning the loss of the old me. I suppose that is to be expected. I am definitely experiencing melancholia.

      I am also fascinated with the second link as I did not know of its existence. So wonderful that someone has written down their symptoms in such detail!


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