Breakthrough and Practice Makes Perfect

Yesterday I had a phenomenal thing happen while in session. I recalled a moment from my past. This would be a time when not in the body. I have had this recollection many times, but only this time did it have an impact upon me.


The memory is of being in pitch blackness. I can perceive the space around me and it feels as if I am floating in outer space, but I do not see stars or planets. When I try to move, I am blocked by an invisible wall that seems to go forever. This wall, when explored, forms a cube that completely traps me inside. I can see through it but cannot move from the small space.

In the past when I have encountered this memory I had no feeling except that I was stuck. I didn’t panic or worry about it. It just was.

This time, when I found myself within the space I instantly recognized that the way out was simple. I existed beyond the walls of my confinement. Reality was there was no confinement except that which I perceived to be there.

The moment I realized this, the barriers seemed to explode outward and away from me. I was hit with both a rush inward and a rush outward of immense amounts of energy. The energy was rushing into and out of the front part of my body from my heart to my pelvic area.

When it was done, I realized I had broken through a self-imposed limitation. I still do not know when this memory occurred. I just know I was not in a body.

bio-breakthrough1Dream: Guiding Another

I had an interesting dream last night that had me recognizing a theme that has been on-going for some time. I seem to be guiding others in my dreams.

In this particular dream, I was inside a house that me and my family occupied. I was remodeling it and putting in quite a bit of time. There were these air conditioning units attached to walls and cabinets in each room. The units were no longer functional and I was taking them out.

I remember talking with someone. They were asking me questions about my plans.  They asked me, “Why do you spend so much time on this house when you know you will not live here much longer?”. I replied, “Well, we will be here at least four more years, until I graduate. I figure I might as well make it the place I want”.

I went back to the kitchen where I had just taken out a unit and realized I needed to get new a new counter top. I was talking to my mom (though not my mom in real life) about what kind of counter top to get. For some reason it shifted to a bed and comforter and my mom shifted to my sister.

My sister here was obese, young and very plain looking. She was in college but struggling. She was also struggling with being happy and with life in general. I found myself guiding her and giving her advice about how to get the life she wanted. I told her, “You cannot have the change you want if you continue to do the same things you always have”. I helped her change from being at home all the time and eating to going to the library to study. I remember telling her about how her diet was rotting her teeth, too. We even went to the library together and I helped her to look up a book on microeconomics. I asked if her class was in economics and she said, “No, government”.

I assisted her with an essay she had to do. She seemed to know nothing about how to do research. The librarian wasn’t there and so she just wanted to just quit. I spent a lot of time instructing her on how to take the initiative. She just didn’t know how to do things on her own. No wonder she was failing!

Practice Makes Perfect

Upon waking I wondered if I was to take from this dream that I needed to change my own routines. The thought, however, that I was actually working with this girl to help her kept coming back to me. I have seen her before in my dreams……

That is when I remembered something I was told upon falling asleep. One of my guides had said to me, “There are others. You are not alone”. I replied, “I know, you’ve told me that from the beginning”. I then got a memory of a group and a feeling that I was to meet with them. I didn’t understand so I just went to sleep without asking for clarification.

Now that I think about it, I suspect this girl is part of my “group”. I remember her from other dreams, dreams in which we are always in a “classroom” or “teacher-student” scenario. Sometimes we are in an actual school, other times a warehouse and still other times in just normal places, such as with this dream.

Perhaps I am practicing my skills as a guide and doing so in my sleep? This rings true to me.


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