Dreams: Deforestation and the Number Three

There was another shift in energy yesterday, at least I sensed it. I awoke in another sour mood but was able to shift out of it without issue and the day went about as normal but with low energy. However, the night revealed the shift was an actuality.

I awoke in the middle of the night from a dream I do not, could not, completely remember. The only thing I remember was that I had been in a completely white room and there were images floating around me. I felt completely peaceful when I awoke. It was like a weight had been lifted. I smiled and thanked my guides and fell back into a blissful sleep.


I found myself within a dream but not lucid. The dream was very vivid but that was it. I was inside a home with other women who were all mothers. We were eating a meal I had made and discussing our children. I can still taste the meal! I remember telling them about my most recent pregnancy and how easy it was even though I had was of “advanced maternal age”.

There was a point where I was organizing a shelf and someone had broken a figurine. I went to repair it and the bottom of the shelf became sand and I had dug a hole. I then began to uproot grass that was invading the area.

The dream shifted and I was suddenly aboard what appeared to be an amusement park ride but the car I was in was floating in mid-air all by itself. It was a bench seat and I was on the end holding on for dear life. The other women were with me and I was holding onto one’s hand.

The car moved like a helicopter (if you have ever been in one they can make your stomach flip flop) over the top of craggy mountain peaks. I looked below me and saw that the mountains were very rocky and almost completely devoid of trees. They looked barren although still majestic.

Then we flew into another area and I noticed vast expanses of green begin to appear. We flew closer and I saw that it was millions of tiny saplings growing in different stages. I was in awe and somehow knew that I was being show the devastation caused by deforestation and the hope that it could be reversed.

As we continued to fly (I felt like I was in a Harry Potter movie!) the trees began to grow taller and taller and the scene began to get more and more beautiful. I began to cry happy tears. We approached an old school building that appeared to be from some other time. It had ornate decorations and when I saw it I got very excited, as if I knew where we were going.

I saw the trees turn ancient at this time as well, their gray and twisted bark and green foliage very distinct. The car slowed and we entered the building.

Suddenly I was walking along an amusement park sidewalk and to my right was a large, shallow pool with bumper cars in it. All was quiet and no one was around.

I moved closer and saw the mechanism to turn on the ride but did not touch it. Suddenly the pool was alive with small, doll-like children. They were all the same age and seemed like cartoon characters at first but the turned more realistic. They came and encouraged all to get on the ride. I did not.

I watched as the people I was with got into the ride and it swirled them about in the water. They were strapped in and looked to be having fun. The conductor looked over at me. He was a man I had not noticed before with dark hair and blue eyes. He stared at me and I knew he wanted me to get on. I felt uncomfortable, suddenly knowing I was wearing a swimsuit under my clothes.

I thought of the shoes I was wearing worried they would get wet and then, not caring, decided to get in. The scene again shifted.

Three Bathrooms

I was waiting with the women to use the bathroom. I suddenly had the urge to have a bowel movement. I went to the bathrooms and was told that all but one of the three was broken. I waited and got a call from my husband. I answered it and he told me to be home by 1pm. I said I had not yet started and was a bit shocked he wanted me home so soon. The bathroom opened up and I let another woman in.

The scene shifted again.

Three Boys

I was traveling along a road in a car and stopped as a large, semi truck was going through a small tunnel. I got in line behind it and watched it squeeze through. Then I followed behind at high speeds and had to slow for a little boy was running about. He was attached to a car by a long cord that came out of his center. I followed him to the car as he climbed in. He was not a very nice little boy but good enough that he listened to me as I climbed into the car to take the wheel. He had two brothers with him, one in the back and the other, the smallest, in the front. I told the older boy to turn off the music (it was playing Cold Play) and looked at his brother. He had the most gorgeous green eyes and I complimented him on them. He seemed wise beyond his years. I was in the back seat at this time.

Upon Waking

When I awoke I knew I had been OOB but just had not been lucid enough to notice. As soon as I thought this, a voice from my right said eagerly, “That was me. I was with you!” A little irritated to have my thoughts interrupted I ignored him. He said again, “That was me! That was me!” I acknowledged him this time saying, “But you are male. I was with a group of women”. He stayed silent after that as I thought of my dreams.

I realized the number three was significant here. The three represents the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of me. Currently I must be working on the physical.

I felt, still feel, so much lighter today and happier. I now know the individual who was talking to me when I awoke was Spirit, not a guide. I feel bad now for not acknowledging him better. I suspect he was one of the little boys from my last dream.

I had this song in my head when I woke up, too. Specifically this part:

If scars are for the living
Then I could be forgiven
And everything you need
I could give you
If scars are for the living
Then I could be forgiven
And everything you have
I take too


6 thoughts on “Dreams: Deforestation and the Number Three

  1. Eva Siebert says:

    Yes, me too. Very low energy, again today as well. Been a very strange week, ever since last Thursday for me.

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  2. Eva Siebert says:

    Need lots of shielding today and stay in my bubble 🙂

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  3. Zarah says:

    Weird about the deforestation. I had a dream tonight that someone felled a huge, majestic, beautiful tree, for no reason at all. I asked him if he had an offical permit. He said he didn’t need one. I said, yes you do, for a tree this size you have to get permission to cut it down. Afterwards I felt bad because I had just walked by the tree earlier, and had not stopped there to greet it. Now it was gone …

    So if you too dream of trees being felled, there might be a common message. First I thought it was just mine … that maybe I destroy something majestic and beautiful for the sake of building something small and worthless. But that doesn’t seem to be it …

    It’s interesting that you were with all the mothers in your dream. Maybe it was about the Goddess Mother, the return of the Divine Feminine?

    Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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    • daynaspirit says:

      Based on the way it felt, the deforestation seemed symbolic of the destruction of Earth with a message that all is not lost. I agree with your interpretation. Definite feminine energy. Thanks!


  4. My day yesterday was VERY similar. Even my roommate noticed the “weird mood” eye woke up with. But after some meditation by the water eye was able to start shaking it off and it was gone by the evening time.

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