Back to the Top

It has been a while since I have heard from my High Council directly. I feel them all the time now, but the direct messages slowed down substantially. I know this is because I am to focus on my life and living in the physical right now. I am practicing my new found skills of being in the present moment and being constantly tuned into my Higher Self.

Thankfully, I was told a while back that any time I wanted them all I needed to do was request them. I did this last night. I asked for them to show me what was going on; what was next. I also asked to get to practice my skills in the other realms.

Back to the Top

I was awakened early in the morning to a vision of a blue piece of paper. It had white, cursive writing on it and I was reading it aloud. As I became more conscious of it, the words disappeared and the words I was mentally speaking stopped flowing. It was like I was receiving the message, “You are not to know the content of this letter”, but I know it is not that. It is simply that the conscious mind seeks information in familiar pictures, letters, numbers, facts and figures. But when information is streaming into one’s consciousness, the information is more fluid and is not limited to human symbols and identification. So as my consciousness began to follow its human blueprint, the information I was receiving was transformed into a letter and words but even that was too limited and so it was seemingly “lost” upon becoming fully aware of it.

As soon as I was awake I heard my guide say, “You will experience a top-down kundalini activation”.

As I was not expecting this information, I thought briefly about it and then smiled to myself.

“So that is the next step?”

I received a feeling and knowingness that it was so.

I then asked, “Why? Am I starting over?”

“No, you are merely integrating the changes”, my guide responded.

I wondered, “Does this mean I will have more projections?”

The response was a memory of the my first top-down activation. I immediately remembered the sudden spiritual abilities that I became aware of that first time. Not long after, I had my first ever projection.

So, yes, there will be more projections. I was (still am) briefly worried about the reemergence of my spiritual abilities.

He then offered me more information, “It will be easy. It will be fast”.

Surprised again, I asked, “How fast is fast? A day? A week? Months?” (their idea of time is quite skewed).

He responded with, “A week”.

Wow. That is fast. But then I know not to take anything future related too seriously as so much can be adjusted based upon need. I suspect it will be a week per chakra, but then who knows. Regardless, I am ready for the ride.

Tending an Egg

I fell asleep not long after and had an in-depth dream of a wedding. My wedding. In the dream, my husband and I were renewing our vows. The scene was at my mother’s pool and I was creating the ceremony as I watched it. I chose to have us walk over the water on a platform. It was beautiful and calm and very pleasant overall. I remember seeing some dressed in shorts and thought, “How casual”.

After the ceremony we were tending to our yard – mowing, watering, etc. I went in the back and there was a large chicken coup without chickens. In front of me was a small wooden box with brown eggs in it, each gently placed upon straw. I sorted through them, putting each to my ear to listen for pecking which meant the egg was about to hatch. I found one and set it apart from the others. It had a stamp on it that said it was from a special organic farm. None of the other eggs were hatching.

I then went to the front and took down and threw away some miniature crumbling houses. Then I picked up this mechanical doll that moved on its own, singing and clapping its hands. I took the doll with me and on the way found money scattered on the sidewalk. Very prominent was a $2 bill.

I went inside to talk to my husband about the yard when behind me the door opened on its own. Startled, I looked and saw a black cat sitting at the door. I said, “He’s going to come in!” and jumped up to shut the door. Then I saw he had stolen my chicken lunch and I yelled, “He stole my chicken!”


I have to laugh at this odd dream a little but the symbolism is what is important. Eggs are new beginnings and I am obviously preparing for one. The wedding also symbolizes new beginnings or transitions. The taking down of the houses indicates moving on as abandoned houses represent moving on with life. The doll symbolizes the desire to be someone else and the means to act on this desire. The number 2 is a message to trust that things are going in the right direction even if things seem painfully slow. A black cat symbolizes fear of using one’s psychic abilities and/or intuition. The fact that the black cat stole my chicken, which in itself can symbolize cowardliness, seems to indicate that there is nothing to fear and in fact the fear may be devoured by the results of this ability and perception.


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