Bobble Headed Alien

My post-surgery instructions are to walk for 20 minutes 2-3 times a day and elevate my leg as much as possible for 5-10 minutes at a time, one or two of those being for 20 minutes. I rarely am able to meet these requirements because I spend most of my day running after children and tending to the needs of my household. I am trying to walk at least once a day, though, and am elevating my legs whenever I get the chance.

Yesterday I managed to find some time to elevate my legs for 20 minutes. I hid away in my daughter’s room and was left alone. Since I can’t do much during this time, I decided to meditate.

Within a few minutes I was in-between nearing the dream state. I felt the familiar energy around my head, strong at my third eye and on either side of the base of my skull. I recall having a conversation with someone but now I don’t remember what about.

At one point I was reminded of a dream. I had forgotten about it somehow but there it was, clear as day and as if I were having it all over again.

Bobble Headed Alien

The dream memory was a short but poignant one. I saw standing in front of me three strange looking creatures. One was standing in the middle and closer to me. The other two were at his side and standing a little behind him. Their color was a reddish brown and they appeared to either be wearing armor or their skin was armor-like because it reflected the light. My first impression of these creatures was that they were large, humanoid insects, most similar to that of an insect with bulging eyes on either side of their heads.

When the memory came back to me fully, I was a bit surprised, but allowed it to continue without interruption. I wondered what I was seeing. It was then that I heard/thought, “They are Bobble Headed Aliens”.

I continued to try and focus in on these creatures to get a better idea of what they looked like. Their heads were the most prominent and I could not make out much of their bodies. Their heads appeared very bumpy and I was curious. I noticed there was a third prominent bulge in the center of their head, between their eyes. It stuck out more than their eyes. When I saw this I heard/thought, “Proboscis”. Since I do not use that word much, I remember thinking, “Isn’t that something an insect has?” I wondered then, “What is it used for?” and I focused in on it to look. It appeared that this proboscis was a sensory organ, similar to a nose but more like a nose-feeler like an insect would have.

Completely grossed out now, I tried to disengage from this seemingly forced recollection of a very vivid dream experience. With this rejection and withdrawal I was hit with an energy from my left where the visual manifested in my mind. It came on so suddenly that I took in a large breathe and held it. The feeling of the energy was not pleasant but it not unpleasant either. It was just different. It literally felt like I detached from an energetic connection with someone or something and this caused a disruption in the energy, breaking it prematurely.

Now utterly out of my reverie I attempted to mentally and physically compose myself. Yet I felt such an odd sensation in the left side of my body, specifically at the space just below my ribcage but right above my kidneys. It was uncomfortable and I felt as if there was a gaping hole in my energy body. I felt incomplete. It was a very unsettling feeling.

The energy began to spread out and seemed to ignite my lower chakras, specifically my second and third chakras. My head was still covered with energy and my third eye was blazing.

I want to make it clear that throughout all of this, I was not afraid.

Not long after my daughter came in and disrupted my leg elevation meditation. I got up and continued my day, but the odd experience and accompanying feeling lingered for about an hour afterward. I kept feeling urged to write it down so that I might be able to find some kind of explanation or clarity, but with family obligations it was not possible.

mantis2After – Be Careful What You Ask For

I researched “Bobble Head Alien” but found only those toys with heads that bobble back and forth. The closest alien descriptions I could find were of insect-like aliens but those were described as praying mantis-like and no accounts of a third eye proboscis were to be found.

I thought about drawing what I saw, and maybe I will at some point but right now I will just leave the memory in my mind. It is not going to fade as it was so distinct, so vividly clear, that I felt to have physically experienced this encounter. I wonder now if the odd disconnection feeling I experienced was me returning to my body from an OOB state.

Part of me wants to logically analyze the experience as if it were a dream and all aspects are symbols of me and my experience. Thus, this would just be an odd kundalini energy surge to my lower chakras and the aliens symbolized this “alien energy” and its effects upon me. Thus, the third eye proboscis would be symbolic of my own third eye.

This makes me feel better for the time being. However, when I woke up this morning my first thought was, “I don’t want to do this” – “this” meaning life and whatever that entails. The thought I received back from my guides/Council was, “You asked what the current state of Earth was and your role in it”. Yes, I had indeed asked that the night before the alien experience but I had not expected to see insect-like aliens or feel such strange energy! How it answers my questions, I don’t know.

Be careful what you ask for as you will get it.


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