Synchronicity and the Current Surge

Yesterday I felt the energy shifting in the afternoon. The first time it began to be noticeable I was in the midst of a conversation. A coworker said to another, “It is a trifecta!” and it was as if her words echoed in my head. “How odd that she said that word!”, I thought to myself.


On the drive home the word “trifecta” came back into my mind and I was reminded that the final surge was on its way. I fell into an odd feeling that is hard to describe. I literally feel as if I am frozen in time, in that moment, while he world passes me by. Everything seems to be in slow motion. It is so surreal!

This frozen feeling was accompanied by a feeling of endings and I thought to myself almost sullenly, “Someone has died”. At that moment I noticed the heaviness of the energy. I was not the effect of it, but felt sadness for so many who are “lost” right now.

Again in the evening the feeling returned with more intensity.

The world and its population is chaotic right now. The energy is so dense and helpless. I swear I can “hear” millions crying out for help. I feel urged, almost pushed, to help.

Last night my desire to help seemed to call my guides and Council for I heard, “Do you want to help?” In that moment I realized the feelings I was intuiting were coming from many who have recently died as well as those who are soon to follow. The amount of despair was palpable as was a feeling from many who have left their earthly bodies that they were in “hell”. In reality these individuals can leave but just need a helping hand.

I replied to the question. “Yes. Can I?” I felt not quite ready for such dense, heavy energy and I knew the only way to help these stuck souls was to traverse the heavier energy of the lower astral planes.

The voice responded, “Yes”.

Whether I will begin soul retrieval is yet to be known, but it is obvious to me that at this time it is of the utmost urgency to free these individuals from their self-torment. There is something about the shifting energies that can inadvertently trap individuals at death, especially those who pass suddenly and traumatically. It is as if the mucky, density of the energy sucks them in like quicksand and the more they struggle, the more stuck they become.

If you have yet to feel the current energy surge, you are lucky. This is an especially dense and heavy energy. It will peak this weekend, so if you have already felt it, prepare yourself for more.

I wish I could say there won’t be anymore such surges, but my intuition tells me the opposite. In fact, there will be more similar surges and the intensity and density of these surges will be increasing. Yes, there will be periods of calm, where the energy lightens up, but for the most part the purging cycle of Earth necessitates these energies be sublimated and so the waves and surges of dense energy will continue until the purging is complete.

Thankfully, many have already transcended the effects of similar dense energies. If you are one of these, congratulations! You will pass through these surges of energy with merely a knowingness of it being there. Some of you may have urges, as I did, to help. I honestly believe these urges to help go hand-in-hand with transcendence.


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