Vein Surgery and Recovery

Yesterday I had the Venefit Targeted Endovenous Therapy, which is just a fancy word for having vein surgery. The vein was collapsed by radiofrequency energy.

I learned a lesson in manifestation from this experience. Prior to the surgery I kept worrying over whether I should have it and when they called to confirm the appointment I actually cancelled it when they told me I would have to take antibiotics for ten days afterward. Five minutes later I had an urge to call back and when I did I spoke to a woman who reassured me that this was only precautionary. I rescheduled and it was set.

I had absolutely NO nerves or apprehension. I kept waiting for my heart to speed up or for me to get anxious, but it never happened. Never. So weird for me!

The doctor turned on a screen for me so I could watch the ultrasound of the procedure. He could not get my vein to cooperate and for about a half hour he poked and prodded in my leg. It was uncomfortable and since it was late in the day I was getting fed up. The doctor recognized this and said if he couldn’t get into the vein that he would reschedule me.

During the third try I sent to the universe this thought, “It WILL work this time because I am NOT coming back to do this again”. Literally moments after thinking this the doctor got access to the vein and the procedure continued. Amazing!

I immediately recognized the moment of manifestation and also how my indecision the last few days may have created this minor complication.


One of my worries was that I would have a painful recovery. During the procedure I decided there would be no complications. I thought, “Recovery will be easy”. And so far, it has been. I have no bruising yet which is amazing in itself. The nurses told me usually there is already evidence of bruising at the end of the procedure. I have no swelling today, which from what they told me is uncommon. I have no pain today other than a bit of tenderness on my upper thigh when I push down on it. My son actually crawled on my leg and it didn’t hurt.

I know that this procedure will resolve most if not all of my leg aching and restlessness issues. It will also resolve the ugly vein issues and keep new veins from forming. I am so pleased!


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