Surrounded in Light

I awoke at about 6am to my son crying. When I crawled back into bed I had this odd recollection of my time away from my body. It is just a glimpse, so I can’t really call it an OBE but I am certain it was one. I am certain I have been OOB quite a lot this last week, in fact, I just don’t remember.

Surrounded in Light

The memory is quite vivid for how short it is. I sense myself in a very brightly lit place. The light is so white and bright that one cannot determine which way is up or down, left or right. In this white light I am surrounded by beings. They are taller than me and I cannot see their faces but I sense them very strongly and I feel very secure and peaceful in their presence. Where their faces should be is an intensely bright yellowish-white light and it pours out of the tops of their heads blending with the blinding white that saturates the space. There is no space between these beings, either. They are so tightly drawn around me that their bodies touch and one is almost indiscernible from the other. They are wearing what appears to be long white robes and their hands are open towards me. Their is also yellowish-white bright light shooting from their hands.

I don’t know how many there are standing around me but I think the number is 10. All I recall of the experience is that I am loved and that these beings are helping me to raise my vibration.


In the midst of recalling this brief memory of being OOB, I am covered with vibrations. They are soothing and cover my head and chest with a vibration blanket. I feel wrapped in energy and very relaxed. I drift off into dreamland but I am very conscious of it, semi-lucid.

I find myself in a room with people around me mingling about. I instantly recognize I am dreaming and wake up suddenly, the vibrations so strong I know I will project any minute. I try to relax into the feeling but I am too aware, too conscious of my body and the paralyzing effect of the vibrations. I wonder, “Is this sleep paralysis?” and I think, “No, I can move anytime I want”. But I don’t move, I just let the vibrations continue, feeling them move horizontally and wondering why this is happening. Why can’t I just go OOB like usual? Why am I being made aware of this?

I fall into dreamland once again. This time I am aware of being inside a roller coaster car. I am being thrown by a very, very large person. Their hand cradles the car I am in and then tosses it like one would toss a pair of dice. I feel the acceleration of the car, it shifts my entire body and I brace myself for the curve I see ahead. What is odd is I see a highway overpass, not a roller coaster track. I feel literally like I am on a boomerang and the momentum instantly brings me to full awareness.

I wake up in my body, once again jolted with vibrations. I again think to myself, “Why does this keep happening? Why do I keep waking up to vibrations? I should be OOB”.

Interestingly, I am not upset that I am in my body, just perplexed. I recognize now that they (my Team) want me to be aware of the vibrational state. I wonder, “Why?” And I know they are encouraging me to exit consciously. It is time for me to familiarize myself with myself and a conscious exit will help me do this. I will have more control over my OBEs and be in the right state for whatever it is they want me to do.

Huge sigh. I have consciously exited before, years ago, but the vibrations were very, very distracting to me so I asked to remain unaware of them and leave my body via lucid dreams. It is SO much easier that way (in my opinion). I guess that is not going to happen anymore. It is good, however, that the vibrations did not cause me to get overly excited like they use to. I was curious but not overly so. This is a good sign.


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