Vortex Manifestation – Message from the High Council

Today I had an interesting experience, one that has not happened to me in many years. I heard my name called. It was in a garbled, deep, masculine voice that sounded similar to my husband’s voice but the name was my original name, not the nickname my husband calls me by. I heard it and responded, “Yes?” and then felt this odd sensation that I should pay attention.

I sent a query to my Team and received a simple response via my own thoughts: “Vortex”. I later requested more information. This is what I received:

You have entered the second surge of energy in the trifecta and you are witnessing your involvement in it, though you may not recognize it as such now. What you perceived was a glimpse of your own heightened perceptions. The veil is lifting between this world and the next. It has been doing so for some time, yet there are periods in which it thins superlatively; when there exists the right circumstances within the realm of spirit and realm of the physical and a vortex forms briefly allowing the formation of purer communication channels. It is such that this occurred today and you were able to witness it because your own energy vortexes have cleared enough to allow you access to these superlative periods of conductivity.

At this time a visual came into my mind of what appeared to be a shaft of energy pouring down and slicing through many levels of bluish-white zones seemingly layered one over the other with Earth being the lowest of these levels. The color of this energy was yellowish with white and other bright sparks of color that would light up as they traveled through the shaft. The energy did not go in just one direction, either, but appeared to move around, down and up. In all actuality it appeared like a giant chakra might appear except it did not have the circular shape but more of a cylindrical one.

It is such that these vortexes of energy are forming all over the earth. Some have existed and been stable for many thousands of years, while others change and transform with the magnetism of the earth. Others form and then destabilize, moving from one location to the next and are initiated by the energy of a particular location at a particular time. Electrical storms, weather and other climatic changes can trigger these vortexes as can the energy of an individual or individuals whose own energy is shifting and accelerating.

In my mind I saw a visual of what appeared to be the planet Earth covered in yellowish-white dots that would be bright one moment and then dark the next. It reminded me of a blanket of fireflies.

Your energy has accelerated and initiated such a portal without you intending it. Though it was temporary, your experience with similar instances in your past will assist you in understanding and fully utilizing this current amplification of your energy. We encourage you to seek out and decipher the subtle energy shifts and vibrations around you as they will propel your perceptions of yourself and other realities.

As always we invite you to commune with us in depth about such changes as they occur for we understand you may find some of what you perceive strange, unreal or disorienting. Please do not be afraid of these alterations to your conscious awareness as they are temporary adjustments meant to enhance your overall awareness and annunciate your arrival.

Prior to hearing the voice calling my name, I had not noticed any changes in energy either around me or within. However, the voice seemed to trigger me into action, into mentally probing my environment and self in order to gather more information. It is literally like the voice flipped a switch inside me. Perhaps that was the point?


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