Extrication of False Belief Systems- Message from Horace

We are pleased once again that you have reached out to us. Our humble service is yours.

You are approaching the second surge of energy in the trifecta. As we discussed, these surges work to clarify the energy of the three chakra centers of the solar plexus, heart and root. In these periods of clarification, you may experience a lag in any one of these energetic centers. Please be advised in advance to withdraw from the intense and often sudden emotional surges that are possible while these centers are purged. We are helping you extricate yourself from strong belief systems that have been in place for many lifetimes and to which your human self clings. Some of these deep seated beliefs interrupt the functioning of communication with your Higher Self to the degree that this communication is either completely lost or suffers major distortion. It is such that the human mind can become confused and go off track, seriously interrupting the flow on the time track and thus instituting the need for further inclusions in the time track (more incarnations). Once these belief systems are exposed and released, communication flow is clearer and less distorted, though interruptions are not completely eliminated.

The timing of the next flow of energy is completely dependent upon your ability to accept and assimilate the flow. For you, expect the next surge to come around two days from now, excluding interruption and delays. For others, the adaptation period may be more or less.

Future surges of this sort will not be presented in this way but expect them throughout the summer months and acclimation to occur in shorter and shorter intervals.

For now this is all you need to know. Remain centered in your Being (heart), send your energy into the Earth and up to the stars to increase stabilization, and beware the traps of the mind and material world.

Until our next exchange,



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