When it Rains, it Pours

Yesterday, on a date with my husband, I finally was able to talk to him about some of the spiritual experiences I have been having in more detail. Upon recounting these experiences I realized that for whatever is coming, I will need help. His help and the help of others who have assisted me in the past (human assistants). He, of course, told me he would do whatever he could to help me and was very supportive. I am so very grateful to have a partner in this life who is spiritually aware and recognizes and accepts, without judgment, my experiences.

I went to bed in very high spirits with tons of energy. Yet still I was able to fall instantly and deeply asleep.


In my sleep I found myself in a spiritual classroom. Upon looking back on this dream/experience, I suspect this is my “math” class.

In the classroom I was brought in and asked to observe what was going on. I saw various young people mingling and quite disorganized. They appeared to be doing whatever they wanted and the class appeared to be in disarray. I could not see the teacher at first but then notice him out of the corner of my eye. He was doing nothing. Or so it seemed.

I was then asked, “What did you observe?” I don’t remember hearing this question out loud, though, it more like a thought of my own.

I replied, “I saw a teacher doing nothing and this proved to be appropriate. The students fell in line one by one without him saying or doing anything”.

I was then let loose into the classroom to play a “game”. I felt ill prepared as I did not know what the game rules were but I knew it was my “turn”.

I walked amidst the students who continued to be doing whatever they wanted. They stared at me as I passed them and time passed without me doing anything. I began to be concerned that I was doing something wrong when a young, teenaged boy purposefully giggled to get my attention and I saw as he knocked something over. It came to mind, then, that I must be there to be on the lookout for suspicious or “bad” behavior. However, in my mind, being mischievous was not “bad” behavior.

I saw several other indicators that something was going on that I was unaware of, so I observed. I saw one teenager who was holding a silver pen in his hand. On the end of it appeared to be a laser. I instantly knew to be cautious of him and I approached him. A young girl, obviously wanting in on the action, interrupted me before I could talk to him, pointing him out.

She said something about him doing a bad thing in 2001, something involving a bomb. I told her, “That was six years ago. Surely he is not the same person. We need to give him a chance”. There was confusion on her face and I repeated myself and then realized I was wrong about the date. It was not currently 2007. It was 2015 and more than 6 years had passed. I also suddenly knew this young man had been and still was a terrorist. He had been brainwashed into believing his soul purpose was to destroy the enemy. I had such sympathy for him at that moment and such faith in his ability to recover from his abuse. No one else believed in him, but I did.

When it Rains, it Pours

When I awoke I was talking to someone in the in-between. I heard them say to me, “When it rains….” and in my mind I saw a thunderstorm. I said back to them, “There is a storm” and then I remembered. “Ah! When it rains, it pours”, I said back. I then suddenly awoke. The dream came back to me in its entirety and I wondered what it was all about. Was this about terrorism? Was there to be another event like in 2001? Was there a terrorist event in 2007 I had forgotten about? Or was this all in reference to something going on for me?

Oddly, when I checked FB this morning, an online friend posted about the Oklahoma City bombing on April 19, 1995. Here I had been dreaming of a terrorist and it so happened to be on the anniversary of the OK City bombing. Was my dream a preparation of more similar events to come? The synchronicity is not lost to me, but what does it mean?


2 thoughts on “When it Rains, it Pours

  1. herongrace says:

    Perhaps you are seeing war? Remember 1991 war in Iraq, Project Desert Storm? “It never rains…”? Also maybe the number 6 is significant, not the date.

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    • daynaspirit says:

      True. It could be something else it is predicting or then it may not be precognitive at all. It is hard to know at this point. And the number 6 never crossed my mind! Interesting.


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