Concentric Circles

My dreams last night were again quite vivid. I seemed to be once again preparing for something coming very soon.

Concentric Circles

Standing on the green of a very large field with a group of girls, I watched as a large circle formed in the sky. Inside was layer after layer of smaller circles. I did not take much notice of the circles as I was having an in-depth conversation with a group of  girls about the age when they first kissed and first had intercourse.

I mentioned to the girls how I thought it was an issue that so many young people were having sex at younger and younger ages. I was concerned about my own daughter and that is when the question came up about when each of us had experienced our first kiss, etc. This part of the dream was quite odd because I distinctly recall being each of the girls I was talking to. I saw a dark haired girl in front of me and she spoke first. When she did, I spoke as if she were me. I said I had intercourse for the first time at fourteen. The other me, the primary one, objected and thought, “That’s not true” and then told the real ages of these life events.

It was at this time that I saw the concentric circle separate into its parts. Each part then expanded to be the size of the largest circle. I watched as each of them was placed on the green field side by side. I recall seeing eight total circles. They were empty inside but their outline was in a light, fuzzy blue color.

I then noticed that my group, including myself, was standing inside one of the circles. Imagine the circles in two rows of four. If you counted from the top of the left group, we were in the second circle.

Queen Latifagain

In this dream I was interacting with a black woman who reminded me of Queen Latifa. We were inside a dress shop picking out prom dresses. I was dressed in a short sleeved, white wedding dress with lace around the bodice. “Latifa” was browsing the dresses and looking at different styles. I walked up to her and started talking to her about her choices. I commented on a woman who was modeling a dress that resembled a floral print moo-moo. Latia and I was talking about the style and what others would think of it and other styles.

She then said she had to be on her way because she was in college and had an exam in 9 hours. She went to a large, blue duffel bag and inside were odd things like box after box of laundry detergent and piles of money.

The next thing I recall is being in a silver car driving with her and getting in line at the bank. I pulled up and she hopped out to retrieve her belongings from the trunk. I guess this was her destination and I remember helping her unload the strange items from the trunk – boxes of Gain laundry detergent! I wondered how she would take it all on the plane with her.

I got back into the car but it went out of gear and began to move forward on its own. I panicked and got out of the car to control it almost hitting the car behind me. Interestingly, the car was on tracks similar to a railroad. When I finally pulled up to the teller line there was an officer looking at me with a notebook taking notes. I explained what happened and a woman replaced him and smiled. I had with me four huge bags full of stacks of money. It was at least $40,0000!

Scabies Dream and Vibrations

I had a short dream at this time in which I was being given a prescription. What was odd was that I was at work when I got them dispensed to me and one bottle was for Scabies. I recall being disgusted and knowing I did not have them. The guy giving me the bottle of pills told me it was just a precaution because they were going around. I looked at the bottle and saw I should take three. I only took one.

I then went into a room and saw a woman I work with crying and upset. In real life she is trying to save her marriage and considering leaving her husband. In the dream she left work suddenly and then returned to tell us goodbye because she was leaving her husband. I told her to not waver on her decision.

When I woke up I was disgusted by the scabies and intrigued by the dream. I was also totally covered in vibrations and a warm, healing sensation in my mid-lower back and the familiar energy helmet over my head. My third-eye was especially lit up with energy.


The circle dream is self-explanatory. I believe I was being shown how we are all interconnected/One.

The second dream indicates that I am happy with myself at this time. This is indicative of my wedding dress. Looking at other dresses indicates possibilities that exist for me. The Gain detergent suggests I am being asked to clean up something in my life or change my image. In doing so there will be “gain”. The bank symbolizes the need for financial security. Perhaps I am feeling a lack of resources at my disposal. The money being deposited indicates that I am being shown this should not be a concern.

The final dream with the scabies indicates that I am feeling “unclean” about a specific situation and am frustrated or distressed about it. I am not sure if the second half is precognitive for my coworker or symbolic for me.


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