Black Sand Beach

I did it. I should have known better.

I went ahead and exercised despite the multiple flashes in my mind to do yoga and relax instead. Not only that, I kept at it past when I had decided to stop – just two more sets. No big deal.


I crashed – mentally, physically, almost emotionally – about three hours later. I felt nauseous and got a really nasty headache. I got the shakes, too. Total low blood sugar burn out. I am better now but my head feels weird and I know what its about. Tonight there is more work to be done and I overdid it with my workout today. So now I may not be able to be fully present for the big event….or whatever it will be that is going to happen.

Mental Preparation

Last night, while I slept, I know there was some major preparation going on. I woke up after a very long, in-depth dream which I promptly decided I would not try to remember despite knowing it was significant. I was just too tired to care. I fell back to sleep and guess what? Yeah, I remember most of it anyway.

In the dream I spent quite a long time with a man. He had pale skin and blonde hair and was about a foot taller than me. I do not recall now the specifics of what we were doing or what was said. All I recall is being “inside” his head and inside mine alongside him and being shown the inner workings of the mind. We were inserting triangles and other shapes, making them bigger and/or smaller, and manipulating manipulationvibrational frequencies. We would first do it in his “mind” and then in mine. It felt more like a simulation than anything; like I was being taught how to do something very mathematically intricate and important.

When I awoke from this dream I immediately thought of the Algebra class I failed in several previous dreams. A recent dream from the night before last involved me being reminded that I would have to retake the class. I knew that I was now about to begin again and I said to my guide, “I’m not ready”.

Black Sand Beach

I fell back to sleep and was immediately taken up a flight of circular stairs made of concrete. I was with a group of others and the stairs smoothed out to become a ramp as we reached the top. At the top there were lines of people in two rows. I recall seeing cars with bubbles around them representing each of the people. There was a comment made about having to wait when the line began to move forward very quickly and with such speed that we had to run to catch up.

When we arrived at check-in, I wondered if I were in an airport but could not make out anything similar to one. I remember thinking I needed to go but didn’t know where.

The next thing I knew I was joining a group of people at a beach. The sand was sparkling and black, like the sands of a Hawaiian beach. I saw the water and immediately wanted to frolic in it. I went into it and thrust my hands into the water, letting it pool in the palms of my hands. I can still see the glittering white sparkles in the black sand and feel the grit of it under my feet as I stood in it.

My group pretty much ignored my enthusiasm. I ignored them in turn but a part of me was aware that they were meeting to discuss something important.

When I awoke this time I felt a call different than I am use to receiving upon waking. It came from directly above my head, high above me and centered on my being. I was not afraid nor nervous of it. I knew it was the High Council and I accepted their invitation, though I was still so very tired.

I won’t go into detail now about what was said as it was a message meant for me only. However, I will say they were warning me of resisting whatever is coming next. To do so could result in me returning to a state I have not been in for some time; a darker time in my life where fear played me for a fool many times.

I was specifically reminded of the recent message they gave me:

In these instances there may appear to be a break in your subconscious-conscious delineations and so as much it may be difficult for you to comprehend the enormity of the vibrational changes which will result. It is at these times that we request you subvert to your higher functioning and resist intervening in the process.

The mental effects of the above could result in feeling breaks with reality, which I have experienced before. I will be taking their advice 100% to avoid any of that!


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