Update: Symptoms of the Shift

I wanted to quickly update everyone on my current symptoms.

Current symptoms:

  • deep, dream-filled sleep
  • lack of motivation
  • skin changes
  • muscle twitches
  • restlessness in legs
  • fatigue
  • thirst
  • vibrational fluctuations
  • buzzing in top three chakras
  • Increase in heart-centeredness
  • profound periods of knowingness
  • increase in calm/clarity
  • periods of intense emotional sensitivity (most noticeable in close relationships)
  • changes in perception

My dreams have a recurring theme of death/rebirth in them. I have had several now that seem almost precognitive. I have dreamed of two family members either becoming ill or dying. One is a family member whose husband recently died. In the dreams I am trying to avoid the deceased person but find myself laying right next to their corpse, disgusted. I recognize these dreams as signaling to me that I am currently working through certain cycles and patterns in my life that need to be discarded.

I wake several times a night knowing what is being discussed in the dreams and then returning to more dreams and waking again with knowingness. There is very little mental conversation going on between myself and my guides. It is now a feeling/knowingness/calm that pervades my being. This is quite uncommon for me but I like it.

My head continues to be covered in an energy helmet and at times my legs will become very restless and I will have to ground in order to calm them. This is rare, though. I also continue to be very thirsty despite drinking a gallon or more a day and am still experiencing skin changes.

Thankfully, most of the symptoms I currently experience are mild and the newer ones are positive and helpful in my daily life. I am especially thankful for the intense periods of calm, increase in clarity, and enhanced perception (though this can be overwhelming at times). I am very happy to be rid of the crazy brain fog, profuse sweating, headaches, visual changes, and


10 thoughts on “Update: Symptoms of the Shift

  1. Ashley says:

    This is awesome! Do you also have an increase in hearing like literally seems I can pickup on everything? Why does a quiet room low noise room suddenly when filled with others seem louder than usual? Oh and the skin changes can you elaborate? Love your post by the way keep them coming 🙂 if there’s anywhere I can read more on this stuff lmk 🙂 blessings to you!

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    • daynaspirit says:

      Thanks so much for your positive feedback! It helps to know one is not alone in this. 🙂

      While I have heard ringing and other strange noises, I do not notice an increase in hearing. I wear earplugs at night, though, because I seem to always hear every.single.noise. This has been an issue for me since my first awakening.

      The skin changes are not as severe but they tend to come and go out of the blue. Mostly I have acne issues but also have rashes that suddenly appear and then disappear just as suddenly. I finally gave in and am on antibiotics again to try and get the acne under control. Sigh.

      I will be going to the doctor to check out my legs to see if I have issues with blood flow. I just want to check them because of the restlessness and aching in my legs.

      Blessings back your way. 🙂

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      • Ashley says:

        I had the same skin thing years ago not even sure it’s still available but accutane worked for me not the best for your body you have to have good liver sounds crazy right to continue takin it each month. But I’ll say this it works fast less than 2 months and your free and clear won’t even have to worry about washing your face with anything fancy anymore. Well, yes your not alone this totally resonates with me even my legs falling asleep I think it’s just making its way through our cells 🙂

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      • daynaspirit says:

        I highly doubt my dermatologist would want me on Accutane because my acne is mild with even the worse cases considered “moderate”. I am not sure I would want to go that far either just yet. It’s only been 12 months since my baby and I think my body is still recovering (c-section). I am hoping these acne issues will fizzle out. Already the antibiotics have completely cleared me up (happy dance) and I have not even been on them a week.

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      • Ashley says:

        Well congrats on your baby 🙂 and yup sounds like you’ve got the right solution for you 🙂 I’ve got 8 month old twins well they’ll be 9 months soon and we’ll 2 other kiddos so I know this is our healing time still 🙂 blessings to you! ❤

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      • daynaspirit says:

        Thank you! Double congrats to you! 😉 Definitely our healing time. Namaste.


  2. Ashley says:

    Update on Symptoms I mean seems I’ve read so much on every other topic on ascension but can’t seem to pin point one that updates 🙂

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    • daynaspirit says:

      I try to update them periodically because I, too, have found that not many are putting that information out there. I also like to see how my symptoms change because sometimes they seem to never go away. It is good to see that they are, in fact, temporary even if they sometimes recur.

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  3. Ashley says:

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    As awesome you should follow this blogger such great post!

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