OBE: Through the Screen

I had a very brief lucid-dream-to-OBE this morning.

Elevator Tube

I had been dreaming in vivid color of being taken down this elevator at intense speeds. What is odd is that the elevator was more like a tunnel-slide, similar to a water park tube slide where the top is open. Twice I got into the elevator. Twice I slide down the slide at such intense speeds that I held my breath and fought back fear.

The first time I went with the feeling, fear and all, and felt my energy body tingling from the experience. The landscape was hidden from me but others were with me and I felt safe.

The second time I saw the approach to the drop-off coming and knew what was about to happen. I saw spread out in front of me the most beautiful scene. The sky was an intense blue and there were all colors of the rainbow. I saw a patchwork countryside below and the elevator looked like a waterfall cascading down into this scene. It almost felt like I was in a cartoon the colors were so vivid and bright.

As I came to the drop-off point I detached from the me in the experience and pulled back as the Observer. I watched as I went down the tube. As I fell back I also felt different, as if I was dematerializing from the scene. The energy that was me was popping like popcorn and alive.

Through the Screen

There was a sense that I was dreaming throughout this experience and it came to me suddenly without warning that I was OOB. This likely was brought on by the strange popping energy I had which seemed almost like my energy was exploding outward like the sunspots on the sun.

As this realization hit me I was still removing myself from the experience and being the Observer. The elevator became smaller and smaller as did the scenery around it. It got to the point that I was viewing it on this large movie screen. This is when I began to take control of the experience.

I was sitting in a seat in the middle of a dark theater. On the screen was this beautiful place, still very vivid in color and playing out before me. When I took over, I moved out of the seat, stumbling over the seat in front of me which had been so dark I didn’t notice it. I moved toward the screen, getting right up close to it. My energy body was still popping and now ebbing and flowing as if it was going through a cycle. I recognized the energy, my energy, was sometimes low and not stable and I thought, “I am dreaming”.

At the screen now, I moved into it. Oddly, I felt myself blend with the screen. I became the screen for an instant and then I was through it.

On the other side I felt immobilized. My energy was still doing strange things and I felt to be powerless to stop it from doing whatever it was doing. I could see the vivid colors flashing in front of me with the popping, explosive cycling of my energy body. I knew I was in the beautiful scene but I could not move because of the strange cycling of my energy.

Within seconds of entering the scene I rushed back into my body. I was distinctly aware of my energy body in this process as it shook violently. The sensation took my breath away and I gasped for air as I awoke. My heart was pounding, skipping beats, and I still felt immobilized.

Factors Influencing Projection

Lucidity scale: 6

Intent stated?: Yes

Time to bed: 9pm

Time to wake: 6:30am

Meditation?: No

Physical Exercise?: None

Mood: normal

Body: None

Tiredness: Low

Number of wakings: 2

Technique?: WBTB

Sleeping position: Left side

Supplements: Multivitamin, Natural Calm 400mg, Sleepy Time Extra Tea, Biotin 1000mg, Vitamin E 400mg, Calcium 500mg, Vitamin D 250mg, Benadryl 25mg

Essential Oils: Clary Calm, Whisper, Lavender (diffused)


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