Becoming the Observer

I was awakened this morning by my guide’s voice telling me, “You will experience a change in perception”.

Since I was still tired and wanted to sleep, I asked to astral and felt instantly this was not going to happen, not for some time. I was told, “Your focus now is in this reality”. I understood but I miss my OBEs. I am eager to see how I have changed while OOB because I know I have had some phenomenal changes in body.

I was able to fall back to sleep but it was very light sleep and many times I found myself in the in-between getting messages that made no sense. One message came in the form of a slip of paper that reminded me of a name tag. It was pushed into my vision twice. The first time I ignored it. The second I felt I needed to look at it. When I did I read very clearly, “Mansfield Emergency Services”. I did not read the rest as the paper was removed from my vision.

I don’t recall much after that. I fell asleep but my dreams seemed interrupted continually by Me, as in my Higher Self. Several times I would wake suddenly in my body to vibrations that were quite choppy and back-and-forth. I was not shocked by them but it almost felt as if I were being shaken. In one instance of this occurring I heard someone tell me, “You can project” and felt myself transfer back into my physical body. My eyes flickered the instant I returned to my body and felt the vibrations. I actually felt the transfer from my energy body to my physical body and was quite startled. Usually there is a black out or the two bodies feel to be one. This time there was a distinct separateness and an awareness of the process. I feel I was being made to observe this process time and time again throughout this morning.

Another time I was blissfully dreaming, of what I don’t now recall, and I felt to be kicked in the ribcage. The sensation was quite real and felt physical but it was not physical at all. I awoke confused at what had occurred and kept expecting to feel the residual pain in my physical body. But all I felt was a hollow spot in that space, as if energy had been removed. It was perplexing and I knew that I had been “kicked back to this reality”. I was not amused!

The more I attempted to sleep, the more aware I became. I felt as if I was being prompted to “be aware” of something. I kept hearing that I should “observe” and that was my lesson now was to become the observer in life, to practice this. I recall being instructed on why this method would be beneficial. Basically, I was told/shown how when one becomes the observer, they effectively separate from themselves in order to enhance their perception. Rather than be the effect of the emotional up’s and down’s in life, they can be emotionally objective.

I was not/am not completely comfortable with this lesson. I recognize that I hold a belief that to Live life, one must Experience all of it. Therefore, to not experience the emotion, the high’s and low’s, would mean I was not fully experiencing life. I am now recognizing, though, that because of this belief I often let myself become the Effect of life and in doing that, lose all control I have over it. I have become so use to this belief system that it has overrun my ability to control the emotion, the reaction, to life.

To regain control I must regain my objectivity and to do that I must view life from a different perspective – that of the Observer. To be the Observer is to be Cause. I am learning this now.


2 thoughts on “Becoming the Observer

  1. Prasad Maitra says:

    U just experience kundalini awakening churning out some extent of degree.I practise it mostly.


  2. […] The fifth seal speaks of rest for the faithful, or those who have already died. They must wait as they watch others go through what they did. I do not feel this has been a part of my journey yet, but it is something I am being taught to do as the Observer. […]


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