About Channeling

You may have noticed me posting more and more channeled messages lately. I wanted to discuss this change briefly as it relates directly to my transformation.

What is Channeling?

First of all, what is “channeling”? In the simplest terms, channeling is allowing your divine Self (Higher Self) to come through this human form unimpeded by the Ego. There are varying degrees of channeling, all determinate upon the amount of Ego interference present in the individual. The Ego will never be completely gone, so you will likely find various amounts of Ego within every channeled message. This is OK and should not be judged harshly by either the channeler or the reader.

Why Channeling?

Why am I suddenly channeling? I recently reached a milestone which now allows the flow of information from my Higher Self to transpire with less effort and less Ego interference. What was this milestone? My heart chakra was cleared to a level previously not reached in this lifetime. When this occurred, the information from my Higher Self began flowing through my heart more freely with less interference from the mind, which is Ego’s territory.

Prior to reaching this milestone I approached moments where the channel was clear and uninhibited. I began passing on channeled messages when these moments presented themselves. I felt moved to pass on these messages quite unexpectedly which is why I began to post them to this blog. If I did not take the time to allow the messages to come through, then the image of me mediating or a strange urgency would follow me until I did.

What is Channeling Like?

What is it like to channel? For me, I feel an urge to write. Sometimes I get a vision of myself meditating, legs crossed in the middle of the floor. Other times there will be a descending and pervading calm wash over me. In these moments, if I do not sit at a computer or with a pencil and paper at hand I will have a knowing of information being transferred between my Higher Self and my physical Self. It is very much like a conduit between the two parts of myself and through it flows energy in the form of images, sensations and words. If I am close to a computer or pencil/paper then I do a sort of automatic writing with eyes closed, allowing the information to come through me. It usually comes in images and feelings before words, so often times the words are in short, choppy pieces of sentences that don’t make much sense until afterward when I read over what I have written.

When the channel is initiated and the process begins I must detach from the process or else the flow of information stops and then has to be re-established. What I mean by “detach” is that I cannot be an active participant in the flow; I cannot allow my mind to follow the conversation. The more I feel the need to ask questions as the information is presented, the more the flow is impeded. Prior to my heart clearing milestone, there was much more Ego interference and the information flow was much more inhibited. This is because the mind was more dominant in the process. This has now been corrected and I am being taught how to tune in to my heart and tune out of my mind.

Frequency of Messages

I cannot say how often I will post channeled messages. I am finding that there are messages intended just for me and there are messages intended for myself and others as well. I received an individual messages this morning. The “download” occurred without words but I knew, somehow, the message in its entirety. Still there are no words to it but just a knowing that right now I am correcting imbalances in the chakras and energy to stabilize the energy body. Specifically, the 2nd chakra is being recalibrated and adjusted. I feel like my body is a car getting a tune-up!

For now, my source of information is my Higher Self and representatives of the Council of Many, also known as the High Council. I will include the source in the title. I do not concern myself with specific names too much, though sometimes I will get a specific name when the channeling is initiated or when it is concluded. To me, all information that comes through my Higher Self is from the same source – the collective embodiment of the One (God).


2 thoughts on “About Channeling

  1. Kimberly Dawn says:

    This is actually the most helpful information I’ve encountered on channeling. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. daynaspirit says:

    Thanks for the feedback and you’re welcome. 🙂


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