Memory Encoding – Message from the High Council

It is time now for the truth to be encoded into your DNA and throughout every cell in your body. This recollection of the Old and the New intertwines to create a new molecule for consciousness. Without and within you there will be new changes, accelerations and indoctrinations of the New, and the How of Life will forever be known. The manifestation of thought and creation is within your reach. You create every day with each breath of life and each thought that is yours. In this manifestation you will find new levels of awareness and Know more of your own divinity and ability as a Being. Do not trust that which is routine for it holds within it booby traps and injustice. It wreaks of platitudes and immorality. It is NOT you but a manifestation of all the Old and fearful Ego-centered ways that you are now leaving behind. It is a trail of your past struggles and you can look back upon it, reflect upon and learn from it but you will never again BE it.

Please hold these lessons, the ones you are currently learning, above all else in your life. The Ego tricks that tell you to worry about what will be or what was can hinder your progress and is a meddlesome thing. There is much more ease in the moment, much more breath in Being, much more life in Living when you trust in and look toward your center, the Heart of You.

Obstacles will come. You will not be without conflict in your life. But, if you remain centered and present in each moment these petty inconveniences will pass more quickly and with less destruction had you otherwise attempted to control and subvert theme. Delays in progress will not hold you back any more than when the drought dries up the water on the ground. The sky holds more of the same and will eventually drown you in a deluge. For all is a cycle of death and rebirth here in this physical, this Earth existence. One becomes none becomes All within a breath and Time shall cease not upon your passing from it. Enjoy what you have. Relish in the moment. Fulfill your deepest desires and fear not of their passing or your passing from this Time for it is but a thought away for it to return into your heart.


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