Awareness Triangle

I have reached a plateau energy-wise. The amazing shot of blissful energy has now pervaded my being and is leveling out. This is my new Normal and I am told now that We will work on adjusting to it and using this New State to make adjustments to living Life.

Dream: Awareness Triangle

I had a very deep, almost dreamless sleep last night. I recall various images of symbols and words connected to Consciousness and Awareness throughout the night. In one image there were two words side by side written in bold letters. One word, Consciousness I think, had a large triangle associated with it. The outlines of this triangle were bold but the triangle was not upright but upside down, the tip pointing down. This triangle then moved from Consciousness to the other word, which I believe was Awareness. This represented to me a transfer of one to the other as the triangle continued to pass from one to the other and more triangles followed.

I believe there is deeper meaning to what I was shown so if you know of this Triangle of Awareness please share it with me.

Dream: Choice and Discipline

In another more normal dream sequence I was at “work” and browsing through a large shelf that contained varying objects – clothes, shampoo, perfume. I perused the items, finding a shampoo. Unfortunately, I left and when I returned someone had taken my chosen shampoo.

While away I was at the buffet picking out my breakfast. What was for breakfast but apple pie! I put some on my plate as a supervisor approached me. He said, “You are a tutor, correct?” I replied, “Yes”. He said, “You don’t need to change into your uniform to day. We will be having a meeting”. I briefly recalled my uniform which resembled a nurses uniform and nodded.

I went into the room where the meeting was to be held but no one was there and it was completely empty. I stood there for a while and a man walked in. He was a tall, blonde, good-looking fellow and his eyes showed great awareness and interest. He spoke in pleasantries and I tried not to look at him too long. I felt he was interested in getting to know me but for some reason I was not interested.

I began to walk away and turned and said, “Nice to meet you…oh, what is your name?”

He replied with a name that I don’t remember now but it started with a “T” like Trevor.

I said back to him, “Hi!” and gave him my name.


I entitled this dream “Choice and Discipline” because it is clear to me that I was being asked to participate in change and that it was always my choice to do so. The specific change, symbolized by the shampoo, is related to clearing out old thoughts and attitudes and replacing them with new ones. This, of course, takes discipline on my part as I will be made aware of the changes that need to be made and will need to be disciplined in taking the appropriate action every time. In doing this, I develop new patterns of thinking and my attitude will change as a result.

I am told that as my awareness increases I will be asked to take on the role(s) I intended for this life. In some cases I am already in these “roles”, as represented by the “tutor” in my dream. However, in other cases I will be asked to take on roles in life that may be difficult for me to accept because they are outside my comfort zone and involve risk which can be quite scary.


If you read my recent message from Horace, then all the information presented in this post is related to that message. If you are in a similar position as I am, meaning you are also working on conscious awareness, then you may also find that you experience similar changes to my own. If so, then I welcome you to join me in this journey. It is always easier to experience change in the company of others like yourself.


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