Awareness Expansion

I got a glimpse today of what is coming for me during this next phase. I am not certain how to put it into words but I will try my best to do it justice.

Today, while visiting with my family and watching as my mother and children were interacting, I had what I can only describe as an OBE. I was fully awake, sitting and just being when it happened. It came out of the blue and lasted probably only seconds, but at the moment that it happened I was aware of being both in my body and outside of it at the same time.

When I transferred my awareness to the me that was out of this body I saw myself and my family in the room. I was not alone while OOB either. I did not see but rather sensed the presence of the others. At this point I am not certain but I believe what I sensed as “others” with me was in fact my family also out of their bodies doing exactly the same things as I.

At the moment I realized what was happening I immediately transferred my awareness back to my body. I heard from within me, from my very core, my guide telling me what was going on. I knew this was how it was, always has been.That I had done this time and time again, lifetime after lifetime. That I was timeless and it was my focus that brought me onto the time track, into specific bodies and lifetimes. I felt so very large and expansive in that moment. It is like my entire awareness opened up and embraced something long forgotten.

My body at that instant became very alien to me, as did my own personality and my entire life. I felt strangely detached from this life – all of it. And when I looked at my mother and saw her there with my children they felt more like strangers to me, similar to how one would perceive a group of actors and actresses in a television series.

I panicked for the briefest moment and then the incident was left behind for the time being. When I later thought back to it and tried to get back the experience in the new moment, I could not.

Since then I can’t help but be reminded of memories I have had of the time in-between lives. How I looked at moving pictures that were my future life. There was the strangest feeling that this is a representative memory of how physical experience works. That me, consciousness, chooses what to focus upon and the in doing so is enveloped in the physical reality experience. This has occurred to the point that I completely “forget” all other realities, all other me’s. It became clear to me, that simply by changing that focus, putting it elsewhere, I could experience multiple realities at once.

That is what happened tonight, at least that is the best way I have of trying to logically explain it.

I feel like I experienced dejavu but rather than not know where the feeling, that odd recollection of some other time, came from, I knew because I experienced it.


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