The End is the Beginning

Day three and I still feel wonderful. I am much more leveled out than I started, but the feeling is staying. Hallelujah!

As per my dream, I laid in savasana yesterday afternoon just because. My household was alive with noise – my children were talking loudly, my baby was crying for attention from my husband and it was quite chaotic. Yet I felt myself relax deeply and my third eye activate. Soon my crown and third eye formed the familiar energy helmet over the top of my head and I found myself fixated on a television show my daughter was watching in the other room. I listened intently. Focused.

Then a heavy blanket of energy seemed to descend over my entire body and my eyes immediately began to twitch back and form. REM. I instantly recognized the symptoms of trance and was blown away. Wow!


I have heard of others experiencing kundalni energy say they have an almost constant vibratory energy all over their body. I had never experienced so it was quite alien to me. I thought maybe it was the psychic chills I frequently get from my guides. But no, they said this is quite different from psychic chills.

Yesterday mine started, and they are still with me. They are subtle but I can tune into them and make them stronger if I want. At one point yesterday my entire body felt so alive, so full of energy that I was a bit blown away. There I was, standing in my kitchen, covered in vibrations! All I did was pause for a moment to take in my surroundings, something I have been doing quite often these last few days. I do this to increase my awareness of the present moment. Well, it is working and it seems to have initiated the all-over body vibrations!

Since then I have but to change my focus and I notice the vibrations. If I don’t put attention there then they are quite inconspicuous. I can feel them everywhere – not just in my chakras. I even felt them in my feet! hehe

Dream: Gospel Songfamaviol-1

This morning I awoke in tears from a dream I was having. In it, I was in a group of people at a type of ceremony honoring someone’s accomplishments. I had chosen a rare gospel song to play that was from the 1940s. I don’t remember the song’s melody now, but there was a part in which the lyrics addressed generations and how daughters and sons later became husbands and wives, mothers and fathers and then grandmothers and grandfathers. I cried hearing this, full of such an overwhelming love for humanity.

Upon waking in tears, my guide was close and calming. I was also covered in several energy blankets. One was around my midsection, one was around my head, and another was around my legs. In addition, my entire body was lightly vibrating.

I said immediately to my guide, “I chose a very challenging personality this life”. He said, “Indeed you did”.

I knew without knowing how that the life I lived two lives before this one was much more in line with my true Self. My personality (Ego) in that life was not resistant like it is in this life. It was easier to control and much more pliable. I had such faith in that life, such patience and understanding. Yes, the life was hard, but I had faith and held onto that faith throughout.

I was also a black woman living in the South during that lifetime. I have such a deep love and respect for black women in this life. They are truly the most beautiful of women to me. I didn’t recognize where that came from until I remembered that lifetime. Such faithful, passionate, supportive, wonderful, amazing family I had in that lifetime. They taught me the true meaning of family.

Anyway, I digress. That life I chose a personality that was easier to control. I knew that in this life I chose a very resistant, stubborn, overly emotional personality on purpose. I also knew that it could also be controlled and I was learning to do that now.

Energetic Transfer (AKA Energy Swap)

If you have been reading my posts you may have read one entitled Energy Swap. In it I was told this would be happening to me. I didn’t quite understand it but, as with all the messages I receive, I put it “on the shelf” and left it for later.

Upon feeling the energy blankets, I kept waiting for the energy bolt I have had in the past, but it never came. My guide said to me, “You don’t need that anymore”.

I drifted into the in-between during this time, enjoying the calming energy. While there, I was told some things by my guide about the merging process. I can’t remember everything now (I forgot it almost instantly) but I do remember he said, “You will listen more and more”. The rest of what I was told had to do with the exchange of energy that was on-going.

When I returned to myself I said to him, “I am coming into myself”. I said it with such certainty and knowingness. Now I understand more fully what it means.

The “swap” of energy is not that I am giving up energy, it is more like I am being rewired. The energy that is coming in, or “downloaded”, is more of me. As it comes in, it redirects and channels the existing energy and “flushes” the system. In doing this, a new, more efficient system is created. So, in a nutshell, I am regaining control of the human system and personality and ultimately it will result in a well-controlled Ego.

The End is the Beginning

I am already seeing the changes within myself. The biggest is the calm that overrides any ineffective, over-reactive emotion. I am more able to sit and do nothing and think nothing. I am more able to be in the present moment. I can distance myself from other people’s dramas. I am cause more than I am effect. I control my emotions. I control my reactions. I control my words. I control my thoughts.

The me and the Me are switching places.


My husband used my apple cider vinegar to dye Easter eggs. I thought, “This makes me angry”. Then there was a counter-thought, “It is done. There is no need to be angry.” Then I thought, “I am not angry”. The idea of the emotion was created with the initial thought but was squelched before it manifested.

All day yesterday my husband was at work. He had the day off but chose to go in. I called him twice, asking when he would be home. He was happy and motivated. I had the thought to yell at him, reprimand him for not being home with family. That thought was squelched immediately by the “calm” which came in and overrode my intention to say something. Instead, I listened to him and let him be happy. There was no counter-thought this time, just the calmness. It pervaded my being.

There are tons more examples. These are just recent. Overall, I find these scenarios more and more common. My typical reactions to minor issues are lessening. The Ego-me no longer has free-reign. Auto-pilot has been turned off.


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