Preparation and Inductation: Message from the High Council

For those of you struggling with the most recent spike in energy, you will be experiencing a short reprieve before the full moon on the 4th. Use this time to refuel both spiritually and physically, for the next few weeks will cycle through more of the same as your energy adjusts and becomes accustomed to the new, higher vibration that is settling in. This vibration will remain from here on out and the energy that comes with it will spread through your physical, emotional and spiritual system similar to that of a drug as it heals the body.

The adjustment will not be easy, even for those accustomed to these intense fluctuations. There will be times when you are discouraged and feel ready to throw in the towel; to hide in your room and retreat. This is by no means the correct solution as to disconnect from the world, to hide from that which is occurring, will only add fuel to the ever raging fire inside of you. We encourage you to do the opposite – to go outside, immerse yourself in nature and take yourself away from that which is safe and routine in your life. Hiding, retreating from life and introverting is most toxic to you despite the initial relief it may bring. This is an illusion, a composite of that which has trapped you your entire life.

That unsettled, anxious energy – that energy that makes your entire body restless and your mind unable to think in clear, cohesive thoughts – is the energy you will be faced with while this new vibration takes root. When instances such as these occur, it is time to get up and get out – out of the material, concrete and plaster world and into nature. Move your body, let it help you ground the energy as it is designed to do. Focus on your feet as they make contact with the earth. Feel the breeze. Smells the smells. Look up at the trees and the sky. Immerse yourself in nature.

There can be found within a calm. It comes from your very core. If you can access this part of you, you will find radiating from within a warmth and love that will take you within and without, like a wave as it swells toward the beach and is then pulled back out to sea. This rhythm that is you will ease the uncomfortable sensations that comes with the raising frequencies inundating the planet at this time.

However, if you choose to ignore these simple solutions, allowing your “to do’s” to overcome your innate sense that guides you toward more balance and ease, then you will find the uneasy sometimes frantic dis-ease will not dissipate for it is the representation of the very patterns constituting your 3D self and work directly against the Shift.

What you resist, persists. Remain open, accepting and this too will pass.

To those who are the newest initiates to the ever growing group who has successfully transitioned, you will surrender to the new energies without incident. This time is a time to regroup and enjoy the new You. Things appear clearer with each day. Peace is something tangible when before it seemed far out of reach. Acceptance is a part of Who You Are, now second nature. Resistance is still present at times but is now embraced with love and easily eradicated with Knowingness.

Your Assistants (guides/angels) will help guide you onto your chosen path. It will increasingly be known to you via subtle integration of pathways in the framework that is You. Much is occurring while you sleep and over time will infiltrate your mind in ever more obvious and direct means. You all have a “calling” and soon shall be asked to take your rightful place alongside the others who have likewise been called into action.

This is your time to be be quiet, to take in all that has transpired throughout your many faceted transformation and induction into this new reality. Tune in and be rewarded.


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