The Consciousness Ripple Effect

I am seeing something that should have been obvious to me but up until today was not. Consciousness is a ripple effect. It moves out from the center and touches all experiencers/experiences, increasing them all to the same degree.

I have so many thoughts pouring through me right now but I can’t get out of my mind this idea. I remember all my OBEs and the crazy child personality that often comes with them. I remember how I rarely stay in the moment in my OBEs, but flit from here to there. I recall how I struggle with myself and against myself while OOB, only recently letting go and surrendering, allowing myself to be taken off by the wind even. I recall how my vision is often a problem, as is my hearing.

I am the same in waking life as I am in my OBEs. I often am on autopilot. I often fight with myself. The world is mostly gray and dismal with sparks of color here and there. I also don’t listen too well.

Yet today I saw that as I increase consciousness in this experience so will it increase in the others. I can see that this experience is but one in a million or more experiences I am having all together at the same time. My consciousness can be with any one of them at any time it chooses. Yet it will not be more in one than it is in another.

Imagine being fully conscious and aware in any one of your experiences at any time. Imagine “waking up” all at once to all of them, at once.

Mind blowing.

I also recall setting the intention recently to be more present in the moment. This is for waking life. I sense that my experience could be more clear, more real than it has been. I want that and I am looking for it throughout my days, constantly reminding myself to be “present here” and pulling my thoughts away from the past or the future.

I am happier because of it.

We must master the present experience in order to master all experience.


2 thoughts on “The Consciousness Ripple Effect

  1. Bec Thomas says:

    Hi – I am very interested in using the photo of the water ripples for a book cover design, if you have any knowledge of where the photo originated or who owns the copyright, I would be grateful if you could let me know.
    Many thanks – Bec

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