Do You Feel It?

I awoke this morning to the most fantastic, happy feeling I have ever felt upon waking. My guide was right there with me and I could not go back to sleep. Again. My energy has been high the past few days but this is beyond a normal happy feeling.

The feeling reminds me very much of how I feel after having really good sex. 😀 It is an “afterglow” feeling but it is much better than any afterglow I have ever had. I don’t recall doing anything unusual in dreamland either – no astral sex, no kundalini energy, nothing out of the ordinary.

Perhaps if I look into my dreams I will find the source of this fantastic, sublime, blow your mind feeling?

Asking Forgiveness

I had a really detailed dream where I met up with an old classmate. We were in a bar in Montana just chatting and talking. I had a semi-lucid moment where I realized who it was I was talking to and so told him, “You know when we were in 7th grade and I broke up with you the way I did? That was wrong of me and I’m sorry. I felt pressured to do it and I really felt bad about it. Still do”. He smiled and said, “No problem. I understand”.

We then spent time catching up on each others lives, him talking about his wife and introducing me to her.

Then someone stole my car out of the parking lot and there was a side-dream about that and me getting it back. It was a nice sports car. I think it was black.

That was when I awoke feeling so wonderful and my guide was there talking to me. I can’t remember everything we talked about now but he was trying to communicate something important to me, encouraging me to go into the in-between. Every time a message would start coming through I would become too aware and miss most of it, though. I was just too happy and excited.

Taking the Fence Down

In one of the in-between times I recall talking with my guide while standing in a green yard. He asked me, “Do you want to keep the fence up?” I said cheerfully, “No. Take it down”.

I woke up and knew this was important but I was not sure how. I think the fence symbolizes my resistance to something, perhaps the changes I have been going through. Me taking it down suggests I am open to allowing in more of this energy and change.

Hearing From the Heart

I also recall being told this by my guide:

“You will hear me differently. Soon.”

“What does that mean?”

“You will hear me from the heart”.

I didn’t and still don’t quite understand. Perhaps it is just feeling him and not so much hearing him.

I Finished!

Another in-between message I received was seeing and hearing my daughter as she jumped up and down. She yelled, “I finished! I finished!”

I woke up knowing I had finished something. I felt very proud.

You Can Project

I told my guide I wanted to leave my body. He told me I was “blue” indicating my energy was high enough to astral.

I tossed and turned for some time, not able to settle the amazing, excited energy I felt.

I finally laid on my back long enough to feel the vibrations indicative of astral. I was fully conscious and surprised at how intense the vibrations were.

My guide said, “You can project now”, as if he wanted me to just get up out of my body.

I didn’t know if I could do that so asked, “How?”

He told me to relax into the vibrations. I tried but relaxation was not forthcoming. Again, I was too happy and excited and you know what? I didn’t mind not going OOB. I was fine right here in the physical.

The energy intensified around my head like a helmet. I also felt energy in my second chakra as well as in the other chakras. It tickled and was pleasant.

Continued Energy Helmet

I have had the energy helmet over my entire head all day. As I drove my son to his doctor appointment it was intense and I felt very floaty as I traveled the highway. I actually felt similar to how I feel in astral and I felt a juxtaposition occur. I feel like I am here and there at the same time, riding a wave right through the middle of two worlds and able to navigate either one at any time. Weird!

I was asked if I wanted it to stop and I told my guide “No”. I knew the worry was all me and the feeling was completely controllable. Just like in astral.

The energy continues even now and the amazing feeling is still with me.

I have just been all smiles today. Ear to ear.

Do you feel it?


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