Orphans at School

Prior to my unexpected OBE this morning, I had a very vivid dream.

Orphan at School

I was both the dreamer and the observer in this dream.

I watched as a small, blonde toddler was dropped off at an orphanage. She looked like a little baby doll with golden ringlets and cherub cheeks. She was scared and a group of older ladies ushered her into the building. Along the way she saw other little boys and girls her age and knew they had all been dropped at the orphanage.

There was a tall man and other adults who oversaw the orphanage. I remember that an older lady who looked like the fairy God Mother from Cinderella was talking with me and helping me adjust. I was asking her questions and I remember she told me that each of the new children got an entire roasted chicken to eat. She gave me mine and I took it. Later, I asked for something different to eat and she told me, “You will get chicken for the first week while you are adjusting”. I said, “Oh, but I wanted turkey”.

At one point I was told by a man who was the leader of this orphanage that I was not in an orphanage but in a school. When he told me I suddenly realized he was right and with that I changed from the little girl into an adult. As we talked I recognized that I was not dropped off either, but that I was sent there along with others to learn. The feeling I got was that this was a school to teach us how to use our abilities.

Understanding hit me and I immediately began to practice my abilities with the teacher. We put stood in front of one another and reached out, placing our hands in front of each other. Then we both sent energy toward one another through our hands and soon began to lift off the floor. I shot up quickly and laughed.

Afterward I was laying side by side with a man I didn’t know on one side and my teacher on the other. I recall being instructed to get to know the man and so when I did he began to kiss me and the next thing I knew we were having astral sex. The teacher was there and I remember asking if he wanted to join but he declined. Strangely, I did not wake up from this experience and I remember very little of the actual sexual act (thankfully).

Afterward we were all three together and the man I had been with sexually began to sing. He had such a beautiful voice and I remember wanting to join him. I was hit suddenly with such emotion that it woke me up.


The fact that I was a child in this dream and going to an orphanage symbolizes my fear, specifically of being abandoned and/or alone. The chicken also symbolizes fear. Based upon how the dream made me feel, I believe my guide was trying to get me to take the next step and we were discussing my fear of it. Later in the dream I must have taken that step because I “grew up” and began to practice my abilities.

Conversation with Guide

When I woke up I had tears in my eyes. I saw it was 5am and I was made because I had specifically asked to not have in-depth dreams that woke me up! Despite being upset, I recognized that I was being shown something but at the time I did not want to acknowledge it.

My guide began to ask me to listen, he wanted to tell me something. I told him, “Not now. I want to sleep!” But he kept bugging me and so I rolled over on my back and tried to listen. I fell into the in-between several times at t his point and kept waking up in the midst of receiving information.

I only remember a few things but one was that in the coming weeks there would be more negative things happening on Earth similar to the recent plane crash. More people were going to die. I did not want to hear about negative things and so told my guide this quite sternly. Another thing I remembered was being told that I needed to remember the things that made me the happiest in life – one of those is singing as was revealed in the dream. Finally, I recall seeing a map of the U.S. and instantly rejecting the message that came with it which was again about future weather-related disasters in the east and southeast. There were other brief beginnings of messages along with a feeling of urgency. I was in no mood to hear them, though and kept asking to sleep.

The last thing I remember was arguing with my guide in the in-between. That is when I realized I could exit my body and so that is exactly what I did.


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