Three Dreams

Last night I had some odd dreams.


I was in a college dorm with a short, dark-haired man. I was looking for a toilet the entire time accompanied by a huge urge to have a bowel movement (when I woke up I only had to urinate). The man with me was discussing our future marriage, indicating it was in the near future. He wrote down something on a piece of paper. It said our marriage “would adhere to the Jewish tradition and follow the Kabbalah”. There was also written a statement relating to our purpose which was to unite the entire world in a similar way. I recall recognizing this man was Jewish and wondering why this was present in my dream along with such an odd message.


A bowel movement in a dream represents ridding one’s self of old habits and patterns of thinking. Since I did not actually use the restroom in my dream then it could indicate there is a need for me to rid myself of old habits and patterns of thinking. The message about the Kabbalah is curious to me as I do not know much about it yet it was very obviously meant to alert me to the unification of myself with my Higher Self (merging). There also is a message that this process applies to the entire world, not just to me.

Plants in the Drain

I wandered into a large, public bathroom. It was in disrepair. The toilets were all clogged or broken and as I looked around for a usable one, I came upon a group of sinks bunched together in the center of the bathroom. When I looked into them there was what appeared to be plants growing out of the drains. The planets looked normal at firs but upon further inspection they moved as if alive and their bases were flesh colored with blood-filled veins that pulsed. They were very gross and I withdrew from them, suddenly worried they would grow large and surround me.


Bathrooms are symbolic of self-renewal and a need to purify one’s self. The drain is symbolic of the need to purge pent up emotions and/or obstacles. The fact that a human-like plant comes out suggests that my emotions if not confronted could get out of control and have a life of their own.


In this final dream I was with a group of young girls being instructed on how to be more positiveand happy. The teacher asked a girl to demonstrate for the class. The girl stepped forward, smiling. She moved her hands to her face, gliding them an inch or so above her cheeks, down around her chin and neck to her heart space. There she rested them over her heart and her face glowed. The woman then asked us all to hold up our hands so she could inspect them. When I showed her my hands she said they were very large and masculine when they should be feminine. I explained it was because I did strength training.

I was then sent along with another group of both men and woman to a room where I was to fill out a “test”. I passed a table loaded with chocolate but it resembled manure so did not eat any.

Inside I laid down next to a man and a white sheet was placed over me. We were then given instructions on how to take the test and all agreed to vote the same way and allow a young girl to stay home. I felt like a part of the jury in a trial. I recall there being 13 total votes.

The test was given and I began to fill out my test. The entire time the man next to me was coming onto me, playing footsie with me and getting very close. I ignored him and thought briefly about breaking my agreement. I wondered to myself, “What if I vote the other way?”

Then the man next to me was replaced with another man. He was the chatty sort and said to me about the other man, “He wanted to have sex with you”. I recall acknowledging this but not being interested either way. My husband woke me up so the dream stopped there.


I am not sure about this dream’s symbolism but I believe I was being given messages about how to reconnect with my feminine aspect and my heart. The voting is odd to me and I suspect I was considering some option regarding this life and my choices.  When I awoke I wanted to return to the dream. I felt like something important had been interrupted. The most memorable of my dreams was the message about the Kabbalah.


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