Questions Answered: Message from the High Council

Today I had time alone to contemplate the current state of the world. I had some questions and was once again invited to receive communication. I am sharing what I received with you. The questions are not written out but you will know what they were based upon the answers provided.

Welcome and greetings from the High Council. We have heard your call and come to answer any questions you have regarding the present wave of ascension and energy shift on Earth.

There are those in power now who do not agree with the changes that are occurring on a vast many levels and dimensions. Yes, there are many changes occurring not just in this dimension but in the others as well. This integration and transformation requires much effort on the part of those who are establishing this change and directing it. The protestors to this great shift are many but their influence grows weaker every day. As they recognize and struggle against this realization, their efforts will grow in ferocity to control that which they have so long had dominion over. It is true that the current upheavals on earth are the result of these power struggles, however, they are also a result of the massive confusion that results as many individuals begin to throw off the old and open up to the new; the part of themselves that has been hidden lifetime after lifetime by massive amounts of life debris, or as is commonly known as karma.

The weather patterns are a result of the magnetic field shifting and yes this is the reason for the term “shift” that we prefer to use in regards to the ascension and the energy changes currently under way.

There are a great many things that you do not understand and we are here to help you to better recognize that this information is located within you already. All you have to do is but seek it out, so as it touch it and it will be revealed to you. The ego as you call it does in fact interfere with this obtaining of information/knowledge however it can be controlled as simply as by controlling what one thinks when it is thought.

The ego is a mental condition and comes with the human form. It does so partially extinguish itself in time as one departs the human body, yet its function is quite obvious: survival. It is the element of biological function of the human body and its sole purpose is to allow for the proper integration of the soul body into the biological form. Think of it as the control panel of the human body. It acts as an anchor of the spiritual to the physical and within this system it is very much needed. As the human body is discarded, the ego slowly deteriorates but its main essence remains with us to serve us in the afterlife. It acts as a reminder of that which we Forget as we descend into the human form. Without this aspect of us we lose our human separateness and we must retain that in order to continue the experience we call Life.

Your Ego may seem foreign to you at times, especially as you seek to uncover the vast hidden knowledge you chose to Forget in order to live this human life. The seeking of this Knowledge is not something to forgo yet you should not despair over its loss as it is only an illusion that one will recognize upon reentry into the spiritual realms. Yes, as you ascend you shall regain more and more of this Knowledge, yet it would not be fruitful to regain all of that knowledge for the purpose of this game is to Remember who you are, as you are and while you are in the physical form and within a state of not-knowingness.

So yes the Ego though a difficult and most challenging foe is also a very reliable and easily understood and predictable ally once you get to know it.

How can one fully understand the Ego and its inner workings? One can seek it out through reconnection with the earth and the simple things in life. It is the life force within us that recognizes the elements from which it was born. Therefore a connection to this elements will subdue the ego in such a way as to come into better communication with it and control it as you may like. However, the chaos that is the environment in which we live pulls the ego into disarray as it struggles to try and control and manipulate those things which it views as anti-survival. Thus you find that when you are “unbalanced” or as such not centered within the Earth, that your Ego comes out in its most unpleasant form and such acts as a barrier to your own happiness and life satisfaction.

So you may now see why so many who are recalibrating to the changing energy of Earth are struggling the most with over-active ego infiltration! (chuckle) And why as such you would need to be in nature, touching the Earth, immersing yourself in the water, filling your lungs with clean air and connecting with nature with every sense that you have! Can you not feel yourself in the mountains at this very moment, lapping up all the wonderful, powerful essence that is You? This is what so many are missing without even knowing they are missing it! And it is right there if only you would reach for it and Remember that it is part of You.

The increase in OBEs that some experience within this readjustment period is merely a remembering of that which they are and is not to be confused with the actual ascension process. Though one affects the other as a means to an end, the two are not a result of one another. The changing magnetic field of the Earth intensifies the processes that occur during body separation and as such makes it that much more likely that one will remember their many excursions from their body while they sleep. Yes, these excursions from the body are many and common and do also occur during the day though most do not (though some will) recall these instances. As the body adjusts to the changes in energy and the magnetic field flip-flops here and there in its own readjustment these senses of other realities will become flashes in the minds of many and may cause the already heightened ego to respond with even more fervor.

OBEs are in no way an indicator of one’s level of conscious awareness being more or less than another’s, so do not be swayed by those who adamantly insist that this is so. It is simply a fact that IS at this point in time and can be a wonderful assistive tool to aid one during the adjustment period.

As is customary in your world I will say farewell for the time being. But know that I am never far away nor am I even “gone”. I am just for this instant in time not a point of focus in your conscious mind.

Until next time, Horace.


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