The Preservers

I slept hard last night and awoke with a vivid memory of a dream.

The Preservers

In this dream I was using a computer to send emails to an online acquaintance. I had been preparing a blog entry and taking notes from information I had received via Spirit (channeling). Eventually, I sought out my friend for advice but could not find her email address. I had to search through old work emails to find it and finally found two of them. I told her this when I saw her in person and gave her my notes.

She looked at the notes and questioned them because one of them reminded her of information she had also gotten. I laughed at that and told her, “I know! Isn’t that strange?” I pointed out the sheet of paper with the information on it that I had channeled. It was written in outline form but I did not read it, instead I told her about the information I received:

There are individuals who currently reside on Earth who, like most, do not Remember their past or future nor do they Remember their purpose. But their purpose is unique. They are the Preservers of Earth and they come without Karmic debt, without cycles to conclude, without emotional baggage to burden them in their travels. These you will not notice as being different nor will they try to gain attention or seek material wealth. They will be most common among common folk yet their impact upon Earth and mankind is immense and priceless. Their role is necessary for the success and preservation of mankind.

They can be found where the unnoticed linger. These are the people you do not see as you drive by the slums and clusters of homeless on the side of the road and under the bridges of your highways. If encountered, you will not remember them if you are not meant to as they are here to serve specific individuals and groups. But, if you do happen to meet one and remember then you will be forever impacted by that most probably brief encounter with their light. It is their eyes that you will remember most. Their faces will blend into your memory with that of other faces from others lives and experiences, but their eyes will be like beacons of light in your mind, forever reminding you of who you are, where you have been and where you are going. For they are eternal, limitless, pure and forever gracious reminders of Who We Are.

I was amazed at the information I was sharing with my friend but she did not seem impressed. I could not imagine an individual withouy “karma” for to me this meant they had no burdens from past lives haunting them in the present. No guilt, no pain, no grief, no desire, no jealousy, hurt or any of those other emotions that often come upon us unknowingly and without us understanding why.

My friend continued about her busy life with barely a notice of me and I consulted with my Higher Self to better understand her actions. In this time, the questions I asked were not so much about my friend but more about certain individuals I do not remember now. I only recall now that I received instructions to “block” their communications with me.


I believe this dream was a result of my rejecting an invitation to receive communication from Melchizedek the night before. As I started this blog post, the information from the dream about the Preservers was mostly lost to me, yet when I began to type this post words began to flow out of me about this special group of people. I honestly believe these are the “angels” among us so many believe exist.

The symbolism in this dream is also not lost to me. The entire dream is about communication. In my waking life I have been ignoring requests to receive communication from higher beings. I am not sure exactly why I feel uncomfortable with it but I do. Yet the requests continue and I feel an odd heavy sensation fall over my head and upper body when they present the invitation and my mind goes completely blank. The “blocking” in this dream is representative of me “blocking” communication out of fear of the unknown. I suspect that when I do not block that the heavy sensation will subside.

I am also aware that I am being “called to action” as in the post 954: A Call to Action. I am not sure what I am being called to do but I suspect it has something to do with channeling. I have had instances where I have awakened talking with my guides about this change but I do not remember the entire conversations except that I have said more than once, “They will not understand”, All I know is this statement is referring to the people in my life whom I love. Overall, there is a hesitance in me about the coming changes I do not understand yet.


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