Last night was a rough night for me. I just could not fall asleep. I was full of energy. Not the kundalini kind, at least I don’t think that was the source. I just felt very awake, body not tired and mind calm. Yet I had to be somewhere in the morning and I needed to sleep! I was also extremely hot and uncomfortable to the point that I was sweating

At 2am I awoke very wide awake and got a little perturbed about it. I was also very, very hungry. After eating I resigned myself to the fact that I was probably not going to get a good night’s sleep.

I have been having a vision for several days now of being up in the middle of the night meditating. This is not a vision of my normal meditation where I lay propped up in bed. This vision is of me, sitting on the middle of the floor in a seated yoga pose, eyes closed. This vision again came to me at this time.

I did not follow it. Instead I just meditated in bed.

With eyes closed I began to drift into the “in-between” state. As I did, I saw three white balls of light float into my vision. The center of these orbs of light was yellow and the outside glowed with white light. I did not react to seeing this but instead cleared my mind and continued to meditate.

I then heard the name, “Melchizedek” and with it came a feeling of being in the presence of pure, infinite wisdom and love. I immediately felt as if I became one with my bed; so relaxed I felt I might finally fall asleep. Then I saw a vision of the planet Earth and was presented with an invitation from Spirit to receive a message about Earth. As I was preoccupied with falling asleep, I shrugged off the invitation. I had a deep concern as well that the message would be more of what I have received in the past – Earth and its inhabitants suffering from the great many changes/challenges that lie ahead. Yet this Melchizedek was continuing to ask that I tune in and listen to what he had to say.

He kept repeating his name and I kept repeating it back and thinking, “How odd a name”. I know I was saying the name wrong and so continued to listen and then try my best to repeat it as I heard it. It is not an easy name to say!

I fell asleep a short time after this invitation to converse with Melchizedek. I suppose the love energy that poured over me was the cause, though it could be that I finally stripped down to just a shirt in order to escape the uncomfortable heat I was feeling. I honestly was so hot I wanted to take a cold shower.

When I awoke this morning, way earlier than I wanted to, I was again full of energy and wide awake. I am still feeling this way and not a bit tired even though I barely managed 6 hours of interrupted sleep.


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