Energy Adjustments

Since receiving the message to expect a fluctuations in energy this week, I have yet to have a significant energy event of my own. At first I was disappointed, assuming I was supposed to be having an “event” Tuesday night and having not had anything out of the ordinary occur. This assumption was obviously wrong.

What did happen was exactly what I had been told would happen.

Monday was full of subtle activity. First, I had a dream in which I was sorting through tiny crystals of varying colors, the most memorable a small carnelian stone. During the day I had almost constant energy in my head. It felt similar to healing energy and at times it formed a type of energy helmet around my head. Toward evening, I applied some essential oil to my heart chakra, an oil blend called Clary Calm, or Women’s Blend. Almost immediately I began to experience a sharp, stabbing pain right below the point where I had applied it. I continued and did my yoga practice with the intention of self-love, and the pain subsided. As I settled down for the evening I began to experience a very unsettled, almost nervous energy and had to ground in order to relieve it. It came on very suddenly with adrenaline and everything. It was quite scary, as if I were the victim of some brutal crime.

Tuesday there was more energy over my head and my heart chakra was buzzing with intense activity near the top section of it. This came and went throughout the day and was not uncomfortable but very distracting. I also experienced tingling in my arms and a mental fog that caused me to feel like I was walking in a haze most of the day. All day I was also very, very thirsty. That evening I had vivid dreams about relationships in my life and woke early, unable to fall back to sleep.

Today I have felt much more balanced but still have some heart chakra activity from time to time. I had a dull headache that almost immediately went away after yet another energy “helmet” sensation. I am still experiencing the brain fog and memory hiccups.

List of Symptoms

  • Vivid, healing dreams
  • Brain/memory fog
  • Energy sensations in heart and head
  • Energy “helmet” over head
  • Stabbing pain in heart
  • Emotional overwhelm
  • Nervousness/fear out of nowhere
  • Tingling in arms
  • Headache
  • Increased energy that affects sleep
  • Increased thirst

Methods Used to Ease Symptoms of Adjustment

  • Yoga
  • Grounding
  • Taking long walks outside
  • Drinking lots of water
  • Looking up at the trees and listening to sounds
  • Rigorous exercise (weight lifting, running)
  • Essential oils of Frankincense, Patchouli, Serenity Blend, Clary Calm, Geranium

Note: I have avoided using the Clary Calm oil blend on my heart chakra since the stabbing pain occurred but my research shows that I may have used the right oil blend after all. This oil blend assists those who have overly masculine tendencies by helping them accept and become more in tune with their feminine side. Unknown to me, I had accidentally used exactly the right oil! So I plan to use it again today, in moderation. Perhaps it is just what my heart needed.


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