Energy Matrix Acceleration – Message from the Coucil of Many

The coming week’s events are concurrent with the intensifying and development of numerous energy accelerations resulting in an overall shift in the consciousness of many who are in the midst of what is known as the “ascension” and is hereby to be known as the “shift”.

Many will find themselves caught up in a swirl of emotional overwhelm that may lead then into confusion, fear, chaos, and other emotional upheavals. It is important that if you find yourself subsequently affected by these energies that you take time to meditate and focus upon your heart center as this is where your stability is located and can always be found if sought out. However, those who are ill prepared for this current of change will crumble under its intense energetic effects. Expect the unexpected but do not be subdued by it for its purpose is to uplift and this will be seen in the coming months.

For those prepared already for these energies, there will come over you a descending energy from above that will feel intensely familiar yet make you uneasy for you have forgotten that it is part of you. This amnesia will be temporary, however, as you familiarize yourself with yourSelf. Many will experience specific energy within the head and shoulder area of the body as the adjustments are made. Please do not be afraid and do not resist but take time to yourself, by yourself, away from the thoughts and energies of others as this transition takes place for your perceptions will be heightened during this process.

As always, know you are loved and assisted through this shift and through all the coming shifts. We present to you this gift in hopes that you will remember why you are here and who you are.


2 thoughts on “Energy Matrix Acceleration – Message from the Coucil of Many

  1. When are they expecting this shift to take place?

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  2. daynaspirit says:

    The coming week leading up to the 21st.

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