Watch What You Accept

It was suggested to me the other day that I might have a negative entity around me. I knew this was not true but since I know the individual who suggested it is very in tune spiritually and has a good sense about such things, I considered it might be possible.

My mistake.

Since then I have had dreams with a Satan-like figure in them, seen strange visions of a man I don’t recognize twice, and have been scanning my home for any entity that should not be there.

I thought I found one last night around my son when I was laying near him as he slept. I was not certain but the memory of the suggestion caused me to second guess myself. I quickly surrounded my entire house with light and requested angels be posted at each of the four corners on each level. I then told the entity, who I no longer sensed, “Only my guides and angels are allowed in this space”.

I felt better, but then again all of this could have been avoided if I had not accepted what was not true into my universe.

I normally do not have such dark dreams, even symbolically. I normally do not feel the need to scan my home for Earthbound entities as I know my light far outshines any darkness they could bring and I trust my guides entirely in their role as protectors. I normally am confident in my knowingness and do not doubt it. I even went as far as to worry I may have an incubus around me since my dreams have been so sexually-oriented, doubting my knowingness that it is all normal root and second chakra kundalini activity!

Oh how the seeds of doubt grow quickly when fed!

So, be careful what considerations you accept from others because when you do, you create the possibility of it in your universe.

There is no bad, no good, only that which Is.

I am grateful that someone cared enough about me to share their concern. This was a good lesson for me to realize so “thank you” to them. 🙂


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