Healing My Baby in Astral

Last night was rough. My baby was sick all day and then through the night with the stomach flu. My husband took first watch. I woke up at 1am for the second watch. Baby was feeling horrible and not eating or drinking. I was worried sick. I got him to drink some water and then later gave him a bottle with rice cereal since he didn’t throw up the water. Then he fell asleep but I could not sleep because of worry.

Screaming Baby and Fighting Dogs

I finally began to drift in and out of sleep around 4am. I kept being woken up by sounds. The first was of a crying baby. It was one of those terror-filled cries and I jolted awake listening for my baby. The other sound was of dogs barking hysterically and there was a vague image in my mind of dogs fighting. This also jolted me awake.

I knew these odd sounds were typical signs of approaching astral. I thought, “I am going to astral tonight”. But then I could not sleep.

Broken Kitchen Sink

I found myself in a dream that quickly turned lucid.

I was inside a house holding my baby. Oddly, the baby was female and not male. There was a woman, my neighbor, who was there and I knew she owned the house. She was in the kitchen and I stayed to the side floating up near the corner. A man came inside and looked at me like, “Who are you” and he and the woman and her daughter left.

I went to the sink and was using it as normal. The sink seemed to suddenly fill up with water. Was it clogged? What was wrong? I turned off the faucet but water kept pouring into the sink. Where was it coming from? I checked the dishwasher. Nothing. I went back to the sink and it still was full and getting fuller.

That was when I discovered that it was raining! Inside the house! I was also getting wet and could feel the drops as they hit my skin. Suddenly realizing it was a dream I shouted, “This is a dream! I want out! I want out!”

I woke up still feeling the rain on my skin. I didn’t know why I asked to get out except that I was worried about my baby.

OBE: Healing My Baby in Astral

I had more OBEs than I can count right now. Most are short so I won’t include them. I will say that I was talking with a guide while attempting these OBEs and asking him to help me be better at staying OOB.

The first long OBE occurred after two short ones that were stifled by low energy.

I sat up out of my body and floated up into a dark room.

I made my way downstairs, seeking out my son. My intent was to heal him.

I found him sleeping and checked on him. He was sleeping and okay. I then stood back and said, “He is green! He is blue! He is blue! He is green!” I don’t know why I said this but when I said it the bundle that was him glowed with color. The entire time my intent was to heal him and the colors, for me, are associated with different types of healing.

Then my daughter ran down the stairs yelling something and distracted me. She went out the front door and I went back into my body.

The other OBEs will be in another post. For this one, I will say that I have never attempted to heal anyone in astral like this. I once touched a woman’s face to erase a scar, but that is it. I am pleased that my baby is better this morning. Perhaps my healing worked?


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