Root, Heart and Head

I had a busy night last night.

Marrying the Enemy

The dream began in the mountains along a narrow road. The view of the valley below was spectacular but it was soon noticeable to me that there were cats everywhere! There were more cats than I could count and they were all different colors. At first I was wary of them but a man approached me and assured me they were harmless. I recall seeing them in vivid detail and thinking they were out of place.

The man was very handsome. He was my height with medium length brown hair, brown eyes and golden skin. He was wearing a tan, leather tunic that matched his skin and was tied with a dark brown belt. We talked for a while, discussing a feud that had been raging between two families. As we talked, I recognized the battle was between my side and his side.

I confronted him asking, “Why did you surrender? Now I have to marry you.” I mentioned that I was too old to be married. I felt ashamed.

Then I was wearing a long, flowing and lacy white wedding gown. I could see myself from outside of myself and a lace veil was covering my face revealing only my eyes. I was crying and the man said to me, “If you cry, I cry”. I saw tears in his brown eyes.

He then said, “We will stop here then” and he cradled me in his arms and we fell to the ground.

I was overcome with the complete relief that comes with surrender. My root and second chakras lit up and energy expanded outward. I felt safe.

Then I was walking with the man and we came upon a woman laying completely naked in the snow. She was lovely with long, blonde hair, blue eyes and creamy skin. Her breasts were poking up above the light powdering of snow that surrounded and partially hid her nakedness.

She spoke to us saying that she wanted to be with my husband. I did not deny her this and looked to my new husband. I remember looking at her and finding her very beautiful. My husband and I became one at this point in the dream and I seemed to become both male and female.

lotusRoot, Heart and Head

I awoke overcome with a strong surging in my root and second chakras. I recalled this previously occurring in the dream and allowed the energy to expand, reveling in it. With it came a rigorous back and forth shaking vibration which I partially ignored because I felt so loved and accepted, as if all my previous fears and mistrust of others melted away.

I remained awake as the energy surged through me and the strange vibrations continued. The energy seemed to skip my third chakra entirely, lighting up my heart chakra which became so full it felt as if it would explode out of my chest. I felt so much love that I wanted to cry. I heard my guide say to me, “You are beautiful”.

As the energy in my heart subsided I became aware of a massive amount of healing energy covering and going through my chest from the back. It expanded to cover my entire back and for a moment I became confused about which side was my front and which was my back. They seemed to be the same.

I felt at the same time an energy expanding from deep within my brain. It felt to originate from the very center, right behind my third eye and nose. It expanded until it hit my ears and then shot down the back of my neck and up to my crown. It did not fill my entire head, completely missing the areas behind my cheeks and my forehead.

Within my head the strange horizontal vibrations started up and remained constant. With them came a sound similar to the sound of an idling truck, it was a low rumbling with a higher pitched ticking.

I lay in the energy and vibrations for some time and if I became overly alert I heard my guide remind me to relax.

Moving Out

I must have dozed because all of a sudden I was entering a vacant apartment. I was aware that movers had just been there. There was a bare bed in the center of the room, a side table and a few odd objects. The objects were an alarm clock without its cord which sat in the middle of the bed; a small, white animal statue that I knew contained animal oil; and a pair of boy’s underwear that were blue and white.

I remember commenting about each of the objects. The man from my previous dream was there answering my questions. He said the clock was mine, that I left it. I understood that it symbolized time travel and was related to my previous dream and my exploration of past lives. I do not remember what he said about the other two items. I believe the underwear symbolized my children and the oil symbolized sexuality and sensuality.

The man confirmed that we were moving out. We were done here. This woke me up.

I immediately knew this dream was good. I felt so relaxed and wonderful, as if the weight of a thousand worlds had been lifted from my shoulders.

I then questioned the energy grid memory and was told my energy was being mapped. I understood it to be a good thing related to healing and so did not ask any more questions. Then I heard, “Your dreams are your heart sifting through the past”.


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