Shark Bait

Last night was once again full of vivid dreams. Unfortunately, I did not write them all down and now I wish I had. The day erased my memory of most of them.

Shark Bait

The one dream I do recall is interesting. What I remember the most about it is being with two people, both men. We are in front of a large, white ship. On the side of the ship is a floatation device like you would see in the movies. I was pure white and had “Safety Device” written on it.

One man grabbed the device. The next thing I know we are all three floating in the water with the huge white ship next to us. I am happy that we are safe. I also notice that me and the two men are encapsulated in white tubes and the floatation device is gone.

It is then that I notice the man in the middle has bright red blood spilling out below him in the water. I immediately knew that he had stabbed himself purposefully and I think, “We are shark bait”.

The dream ended there.


Upon waking I immediately thought that my feelings of security may be false as indicated by the safety floatation device being no good at helping me with another problem – the betrayal of my friend and the impending attack by a shark.

It is interesting to me that this dream came right after the grid memory which caused me some concern. I was also encapsulated by a white tube that came all the way up to my shoulders and went down past my feet. I wonder if the tube in the dream is symbolic of the grid I recalled being covered in.

Blood in dreams represents life, love, passion and disappointments. Sharks can represents feelings of anger and resentment or can also represent an aspect of the self that is unwanted or undesired. In this case, I feel the shark is something that will consume me, so it could be that I fear my negative reaction.


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