Energy Grid

Yesterday I decided that I will not stay at my current job. I am done accepting situations that I do not agree with or that are not ideal in my world. My job is not bad but the system that created it is. I wish to disconnect myself from a system that suppresses individuals.

As I went to sleep last night I asked to received assistance in determining my next course of action. I accept the feelings I have been having about my career and know what I don’t want in my life more now than ever. But what do I want? I understand that part of the process of learning what one wants is to experience enough of life to know what they don’t want. I am comfortable with the process now more than ever. I am told I will be shown what is next and I felt the truth of it so strong that I was overcome with tears. I know it will be that way and I am fully accepting of whatever is next on my agenda.

Energy Grid

Like so many nights since the birth of my son, I fell asleep while meditating. I was awakened by my son’s cries and got up to help my husband tend to him. When I lay back down I could not remember what I had been dreaming about. When I searched my memory I got a very strong impression that has me wondering about its significance.

I experienced myself as both in my body on the bed and outside my body as an observer. There was a male entity in the room who was dark and fluid in his movements. I did not sense anything negative about him.

This man moved from one side of my physical body to the other very quickly. He did not go around but over my body and as he did he wove what I can only describe as an energy web across my body. It was white and shimmery like a spider’s web with dew on it, yet it looked like a net more than a web made up of identical square boxes. When I questioned what it was, I heard “grid”.

The color of this grid changed from white to green and it reminded me of a security blanket of some sort. I am not sure what its purpose is but I felt very strongly at the time that it was meant to keep me in my body for a certain amount of time.


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