Dr. Who

No this post isn’t about the television show, its about a dream. 🙂

Dr. Who

I thought I had forgotten this dream. Guess not!

The dream began in a cafeteria at a college. The tables were full of loud and talkative college students. I was with them and talking to a woman. I don’t remember all the conversations I had now, but I do recall that I was considering befriending a girl but was concerned that she was a lesbian.

I recall talking to one man in particular about how he should not drink alcohol during the day. He laughed along with his buddies and they continued to drink, sneaking it into their drinks.

At one point I was speaking to a woman about a test. She handed me the answer key and I saw the test in detail. It was fill-in-the-blank and all the blanks were filled in with the answer, “Dr. Who”. I remember thinking it odd that it said, “Dr. Who” and I pointed it out to her saying, “Did you know that it says Dr. Who in all the blanks? Shouldn’t it say Dr. Oz or Dr. Ott?” She thanked me for telling her but I stood there for some time confused about the answer, “Dr. Who”.

I then walked to class with a girl. I recall walking down large, stone stairs alongside other students and heading toward a reddish-brown brick building. I saw on the plaque the building number. It said, “3” and below the number was “Tres”. I said to my friend, “This is building 3” and she said, “Good. This is the one”.

We walked inside and it seemed more like the waiting area of a doctor’s office than a college auditorium or even a college building. There were cushy chairs placed in clusters around the room; tall, potted plants; a receptionist area; and lots of wide, open space. The color of the carpet was a golden yellow color and the furniture was a deep, warm brown color.

I instantly relaxed when I entered the room and said, “Good. This is more like it. These people are much more serious”. I remember thinking that it suited me more than the cafeteria where the students seemed disinterested in learning and more interested in staying drunk and partying non-stop. I recall thinking that they were trying to avoid life.


When I awoke, the first thing I remembered was the odd test and “Dr. Who”. Could it be that I was discussing time travel with my guides in the dream? Or was it representative of an actual doctor because I started saying other doctor’s names? It might be since when I went to “building 3” it was more like a doctor’s office than a classroom.

I want to say the dream is attempting to help me with the questions I had prior to sleep: If I leave this job, then what? I have always known I am here to help and in the television show that is what Dr. Who was doing, too. Or maybe it is more literal and I am in the process of healing and going to the doctor as part of my learning. This could also be true since I have been digging around in my past lives lately.


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