Anatomy of the Kundalini

Tuesday has come and gone without any kundalini experiences or significant symptoms. It was by no means an uneventful day. I received the results of my labs and there were some subtle stirrings of kundalini. At about 8pm last night I noticed significant energy in my crown and third eye chakras. The energy in my crown was so intense I felt almost like I had a beam of light shooting out of the top of my head into the sky. The energy was not uncomfortable and I immediately forgot about it as I prepared for sleep and the coming work day.

I again had a dreamless, deep sleep and awoke much earlier than I needed to wide awake and ready for the day. What is going on?

Beginning Again

For the past three nights I have awakened with significant root chakra activity and a feeling of intense passion that is unfulfilled. I am usually warmer than usual and feel restless (who wouldn’t?). The dreams leading up to these experiences are lost to me. In fact, even upon waking I cannot for the life of me remember what I was doing before waking!

So what is going on? I have a knowingness that the initial rise of kundalini is finished and now it will begin again. The message I got about the top three chakras activating all at once was likely a true one, but since my top three chakras have been open and active since my initial awakening in 2003 the activation of them was nearly imperceptible. The reason my crown chakra was buzzing so intensely is because of those three chakras it has been the most likely to be blocked in the past and was likely once again partially blocked prior to a few nights ago.

Anatomy of the Kundalini

So now the process begins again at the root and will move up again through all of the chakras to the crown. This process will likely cycle through several times. How many? As many as it takes to purge and adjust each chakra to whatever level it needs to be at. I suspect that each rise of the kundalini will be a bit less intense than the one before.

I now understand a little more about why I feel intense energy at one chakra but then another will seem almost untouched. It is not that the other chakra is not being purged but that it has less blockages to be purged or is already in a balanced state so as not to be affected by the kundalini as it rises. This is true of my 3rd, 5th and 6th chakras. These three chakras are pretty much constantly open and clear when I check them. That doesn’t mean they are always open or without blockage but these three were wide open when the kundalini reached them.

From what I feel about the kundalini process I am experiencing right now, the intensity of the energy felt in the root chakra upon activation is indicative of how intense the kundalini energy will be felt in the chakras above it. The “lightning strike” immobilizing energy that I have felt on two occasions is similar to real lightning in that the “strike” short circuits the chakras it hits and “resets” it, clearing stagnant energy and blockages. Similarly, the smaller, all-over body vibrations is exactly what my guides said –realignment of the meridians and nerve pathways between the chakras. It really is like a complete rewire of the human energy system!

So… I go again on the rollercoaster of kundalini.


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